Sounds, Noises and Music over my (Y)ears

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Sounds, Noises and Music over my (Y)ears
Part -1
I just suspended blogging, some time ago and this piece hopefully may renew my bolg activity. The idea of this came to me originally, but many in the universe would have also might get such an idea. While narrating about these experiences, I may have to share some sort of personal data and profile. But it is neither to highlight my ego needs nor an auto biography of sort through this. If it happened to me, sure it would have happened to many of you and as you read may also relate to some of these from your own. Fortunately that, God has betowed us with the faculty of hearing and also some gray matter to store those somewhere. I am not very sure this could make you read it interestingly! .
Of course, most of us know the differences between sounds, noises and music and one need not be a musician for that. Although there is large genre of music and liking one or other is purely a personal preference.
The sounds and music vary and change over time with place, culture and development and the state of mind etc.,. Sounds are influenced by other prevailing sounds in the environment as well.
As I grew up as boy in a village, my memories of different sounds, noises and music; some were good, some were bad and some were indifferent. Villages are normally supposed to be more serene and calm. The sounds, noises and music that time and my age were so different and as I am trying to recall, there may not be in any sequence or flow. Let me start sharing those:
There used to be system of daily dhobi cleaning clothes. They used strike them against a rock in a pond. As a boy, afternoon nap was like a punishment. Going out and playing in the sun was discouraged. As children, we were not allowed to make noises that may disturb their siesta. When elders used to take rest in afternoons, the far sounds of dhobis beating the clothes was audible. During the rainy season, nights were enveloped by the sounds of frogs (BEK BEK) creaking from water pools from a distance. Occasionally, a fox crying put (barking) in distant fields at nights. Once, I was walking with friends at night time through bushes, which was rare, the creaking noise of Crickets (keechurai) was so frightening. One night a wild cat (bavuru pilli) intruded into our house and was sitting in the attic. Our parents and elders were trying to drive it away, as children we were frightened by its ferocious cries. (myav myav).
It was mainly an agricultural village, we had a few she-buffalos for milk. They used their “ambaa” for signaling for food. Morning alarm system was not very popular and ryots used to get up with the first Kokoroko from the hen (“tholi kodi kutha”) . The bullock carts used to ply on the way to fields and the oxen were tied bells and its tinkling sound along the way was so pleasing. Vehicular traffic was very less, but any heavy lorry passing by the main road of our village was heard.
For any function in the village, a hired sound system from nearby town with old records was played, as children it was something we enjoyed with fascination. We used to observe the gramophone record revolving and a pin on it. The operator used rotate its handle after every song. We used to request him to play our favourite songs. There used to music band arranged for big marriage functions, and we used to get so much thrilled. Our hearts used to bounce with the drum beats. Even drama rehearsals for with a pedal harmony and actors singing the “ drama padaylu ” were enjoyed with awe. There padaylu were based on some ragas and I remember some seniors saying Adana, Mohan. Some popular padayalu of Krishna like “Chellio chellako” , “Jenda pai kapiraju” etc.,. There were some famous singers like Abburi and Ilapata Raghuramaih . For some children it was piece to be mimicked and improve their musical skills. The ragas were to be elongated with nuances. Radios are far and few and whoever owned one, the sounds could be heard by all neighbors. When we had our first battery operated radio, it was the privilege of my dad to listen to national music programs. It used to start vey late 9.30 pm, very late for the kids. Even with the bad reception of signals, he used to enjoy. There used to “chekka bajans” once in a way. It is a group singing accompanied by rhythmic dance around a big diya. Whenever there was any announcement by panacahyathi or big vegetable cart aperson used to publicize with Dappu. Even that was rhythmic As school children, we enjoyed the last bell and eager to go home or ground and play. It was like music to our ears.
The houses are used to be big and one had to shout to be heard from some distance. Even normal conversation one has make some effort. If one was curious, one can easily follow the conversation from the other house. In a calm place, villagers and especially children welcomed the events used flock to that place wherever and whenever one starts to generate any sound and noises out of which some was music.
I will start writing the part 2, based on experiences in towns and cities, in case people feel it is not a waste of time and effort.


Mr. Prasad Goes for a Cardiac Stent-part IV

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Mr. Prasad Goes for a Cardiac Stent-IV

The next part was the worst part of memory. I was shifted a bed in an adjacent recovery room with a number of beds very close to each other. Unfortunately, my allotted bed was just at the entrance side of the opening spring door.  I did not wear any watch and time is of no consequence then. But,  a few times I enquired about it in ICCU. Here also the wall clock was not fully visible from my bed.  I guess it may be around 2 PM. The recovery room was full of activity with so many patients and vsitors going and coming and even may trips by hospital staff. Every time, the door was opened, my bed used to get a jerk. It was so irritating.  I thought it was due door hitting the dining help table. I requested the staff to move the table away from the door.  Even then, it was quite unbearable. I requested the in-charge nurse to shift me from my bed, but prepared to face the ordeal. Luckily, after some time  a patient ( looks some  Seth) was taken for some tests for some time. The nurse exchanged cots along with me. It gave me a great relief. Here also the monitors were put but some how less noisy than those of ICCU. But, I was very eager get away from this recovery room. One lady patient was brought to the room at around 11 PM and was told she underwent a 12 hour Marathon by pass surgery. I thanked my stars for undergoing relatively very small procedure. My doctor visited me in the morning and enquired about my sleep last night. I thought it was not proper courtesy to reveal him my ordeal, but just said there was too much activity around in the room. He gave me the good news and I will be shifted back to my room. I was not aware what was going on with my relations and presumed they will be resting in the private room for the night. I was surprised to come to know, later, that as per rules, rooms will not be provided if the patient is in ICCU or recovery room. I did not know this and expected some close relations will say hello in the recovery room. My relations were asked to vacate the room and in the night, they had to go back to their home for night stay. Of course, it looks a very unreasonable but we have to follow their rules, although irksome to patients. 


I was shifted back to the room, from the recovery room.  I am greatly relieved and am proud owner of a new Stent in my Heart. I do not know whether I should be happy or unhappy about it.   There was another thrill in the offing.  About 12 years ago, I took Insurance for certain amount which would then cover cots even in case of bypass surgery. But with inflation at its worst, 12 years later it, I was disappointed it does not cover even a single stent procedure.  We sent our young relation to enquire about an estimate about the total cost. Some one told almost a staggering figure and really weak hearted would again a heart attack. As it is fait accomplice,  that I have to pay the bill before discharge. My mind started working overtime, to overcome this likely awkward situation and remembered all my wealthy friends who can come to my rescue.  I increased my credit card limit immediately.  But, I also sounded one of my close relation  and a vague assurance.  I was cursing myself as I have not provided for this runaway inflation like many honest retired people, thanks to the bad governance of our economy.  I only hoped that the estimate is inflated and will be much less.


That was Wednesday and eagerly waiting for the arrival of the doctor to order my discharge. It was around 9.30 am and doctor arrived and informed us.  Then the activity of arriving at the bill and clearance from Health Insurance company. And finally, how much more I  may have to pay.  Luckily, the entire bill was not very high like the estimate, but I had to make some additional payment over and above Insurance coverage.   The entire process,  is a little agonizing, only hoped it could be expedited.  It was around 5.30 pm, I bid farewell to the CorporateHospital with all good and bed experiences and memories.  I thought, I could share with   my friend all those.


Note: I thank all those who have read the experiences of my Friend Mr. Prasad and enjoyed reading it. But please do not take any insurances   from these series. 





Mr. Prasad Goes for a Cardiac Stent – III

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Mr. Prasad Goes for a Cardiac Stent-III



Mr. Prasad has been reminding me and growing a little impatient about the delay in sharing his story as narrated extensively to me.


Now, let me resume the story where I left after 2 parts. It happened to be Saturday and I was taken to the special room for Angiogram and shifted back to ICCU  by noon after the Angiogram was done. It was completed by noon. The whole process would have taken about 40 mts.  I was told that a DVD was given to my relation for our information and record.


By Saturday evening, I was told that I will be shifted to a room next day.  We opted for a single room although, we were little vary that all other charges and service tax will be automatically correspondingly hiked.  The next day being Sunday even doctors need respite from their busy schedule.  


Sunday morning, with a lot of persistent effort by my young relation, I was lucky to get being allotted a room, relatively fast. I was told that even this process may normally take a few hours. The   room was OK, but traffic noise from the adjacent road is  a bit irritating. I only wished hospital could have made it sound proof with double glass or some other means as the charges are almost competing with a ***** hotel.  As I am little sensitive to noise, I carried a few ear plugs purchased in US. They  came to my rescue during my entire stay in ICCU, recovery room and even in this  room. Even the cot and linen are not up to the mark. The cot had some small protrusion and got a minor small scratch on the leg while alighting from cot,   A few friends visited me and happily chatted freely with them. I do not know, how, I was apparently very cheerful did not feel any tension. Some medicines were given but I had to request for a small dose of tranquilizer to sleep and thanks this was heeded. 


It was Monday and my Stent process was scheduled in the morning by around 11.30 am.  As we were waiting for this process to start,  there was no trace of this activity. Then out of blue, a person supposed to represent Health Insurance firm informed us to deposit some large sum of money as an advance. This he said the bill may possibly exceed my insurance coverage. Now, we could understand the delay in the process.  One of our experienced relation explained that is a difficult and time consuming process to get back our  advance deposit from Insurance company. There was a tough bargain which I was not aware , and told it was and finally agreed to pay a part of their demand. We were wavering for some time and thought it was wise to pay and expedite the process. Else, we may have to bear with the postponement and delay.


There after, things moved fast enough, I was again taken to the same room of Angiogram. The process started with another terrible pierce on my right forearm below the wrist.  Even with the local anesthesia, it was quite painful. There I could watch on the screen the entire process of inserting a Stent. As a lay man, I could not follow or understand the process. But, I could guess they use a lot modern technology. After the process,  a strong built man put a very tight bandage with much pressure. I came to know that it is essential to stop blood oozing out from that hole. The entire process would have taken about less than an hour.

                                                 (To be concluded in part IV) 

Mr. Prasad Goes for a Cardiac Stent-II

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Mr. Prasad Goes for a Cardiac Stent-II

Now i reached the nearby corporate hospital in an ambulance fully conscious and in good mood.  Although, I was confident of walking but was put on a wheel chair and was moved to Emergency ward. As a disciplined patient, I have to follow their rules.  I was lucky that the doctor who was to take care of me came and introduced himself, very politely.  The doctor a well mannered middle aged gentleman who is supposed to me my saver from my heart problem. After his examination, I was shifted to ICCU. I was oblivious of the process of admission and wished that I could come out without a very big hole in my pocket. The process was apparently well taken care by my wife and the young relative.  There were so many patients in different states in ICCU and I was fully conscious   and observing around.  They gave me intravenous fluid, some medicines and injections.  By that time, it was about 2.30 pm. I was informed that angiogram will be done the next day and depending on the results the course of treatment will be decided. Except for the continuous beep beeps from the monitoring systems, it was cool and comfortable. Some of the nursing staff, was, I found, really concerned and cooperative.

The day passed off peacefully, while my entire body is being taken care and also occasional collection blood samples and injections. With intravenous on one hand and about 3 connections attached to my body to monitor, moving around was a task.  The three parameters displayed on the monitor, I understand were Oxidization, pulse rate, number of breaths /minute, if I am correct. The bed, I was told is an Alpha bed for comfort. Although, nurses wanted me take rest on the sides it needed much effort to move with the wires around me.

The next day is the day for angiogram, supposed to finally diagnose my heart’s ailment. I was taken to the room, it was very impressive with a lot of equipment and very cool. I was applied with a local anesthesia on my right forearm wrist, thereafter something hard was pierced. It was painful, but local anesthesia helped me to bear it. I was under a sophisticated instrument and could see a team of people doing a job on me. After a few minutes, I could see on the screen how my heart has been working restlessly for so many years to keep me ticking.  I could also notice a small place in an artery thinning like a wide road has to pass through a narrow culvert. I was told that was the problem to be rectified. The whole process got over in about 45 minutes.  The whole process automatically recorded on a DVD.  My relations were waiting outside were told he may require a Stent to be placed for treatment. I was curious to know that whether I should have come earlier, but doctor affirmed that it was not so. I was taken back to ICCU for rest and put under observation. I only wished and hoped  that my problem could be sorted out with medicines onlyand no need for a stent.


Mr. Prasad Goes for a Cardiac Stent-I

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Mr. Prasad Goes for a Cardiac Stent-I

Are you interested in reading a first hand account of cardiac stent in a Corporate Hospital from  Mr. Prasad ? He has given a detailed  account of his episode and experiences. He did not object  to my sharing it with you all.  He only requested me not to reveal the name of the hospital or names of doctors for obvious reasons. I have endeavored to make an interesting reading. It does not purport to be of any guidance to anyone or any  medical reference. Any inference is at your own liability and risk.    Hope you may like?

Mr.  Prasad  a common man just nearing the age  70 with moderately good health and  not at all a typical probable heart patient.  He   shared with me his story going for a cardiac stent in a corporate hospital in his own words:

” I am considered a person with above average health with more or less regular life style. I feel , I have been taking good care of my health except for sweet tooth. I have been taking medicines for high BP for the last 6 years. I have been taking regular walks for about 30 mts in the evening in a less crowded and peaceful area.  Although I  miss it occasionally, but try to resume it as early as possible. It all started, during my evening walk, one day,  I noticed a shooting pain in the left arm. i felt little uneasy and returned normally to home. I checked it online and found it can be due to many reasons including a bad sleeping position or  spondylitis  or muscle spasm .  But, I continued my walking routine and consulted an Ayurveda and an Allopathy doctor. They gave me some medicines and never insisted  that i should go for  cardiac checkup at the earliest.  But, casually suggested that i may consult cardiac specialist at my convenience. In the meanwhile, I have been gathering information about reliable, dependable, good  doctor nearby.  I am aware that there are some  inherent doubts in public at large including me that a common  cannot really afford the treatments  in any corporate  hospital. There are stories going around from patients that there were many costly and avoidable tests and prolonged treatments that may cost up to  a million.

It was a few days after that and I had a dental problem  also and  a visit to a Dentist has taken precedence over a my consultation with a cardiologist. At home, i did not feel any sort of pain, heaviness or inconvenience and reconciled  that pain  was transient and that too when i am walking.  There was no pain or discomfort in the area of heart.

Earlier day, i  went for X-ray for possible neck problem and incidentally i got an ECG done. ECG showed some not desirable features but i fooled myself that many times there are false indications and hoped it may not be serious enough.

One day morning, I had a severe discomfort in heart without any sweating or other symptoms generally associated with heart attack and guessed it to be, may be a minor heart attack.  In fact, I planned for the tests next day. Immediately, myself and my wife called a Taxi service to reach a corporate hospital a little far away. The only reason was that the doctor is a known and had seen me earlier a few years ago.  I walked upstairs to the doctor  in a cheerful mood. The Doctor was on on rounds and came with in a few minutes and arranged for my ECG. Doctor diagonized  the  problem and did not allow me to talk much. She/he asked me the nearest branch of their hospital as i should be admitted. He/she immedialtely contacted the doctor at that hospital. The doctor is a lady  and now i use she. she was very considerate and inquired about the mode of transport. As a precaution, before starting for hospital for tests i have informed a few of my important relatives about this.  I also taken my health insurance card  for any emergency. One of my  relative  an youth already arrived there. Another relative reached later and was informed that he has been sent in an ambulance to a corporate hospital to another branch. Even, ambulance wading its way through Hyd’bad traffic took quite some time.

Now the scene shifts to a corporate  hospital nearby and wait and watch for next blog Mr. Prasad Goes for a Cardiac Stent-II.   



Auto Traveling-Hyderabadi Style

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Auto Travelling-Hyderabadi Style


Auto is a mode of public conveyance and in Hyderabad, we find many senior citizens, ladies and sick use it more often. Many of our Indian Cities/Towns have autos to commute.  Every City has its own its specialties and problems. Let me share some  scenes  from Hyderabad. It is worth blogging, i felt.

Of late, I have been travelling a little more by autos  and venture  to put my personal views. This blog  is  meant only for fun and does not mean offense to anyone.

I consider myself very lucky, if the auto comes readily to my destination by putting the meter. It had happened to me only one day recently and made me thrilled. Now the new autos are more open and can look outside to understand the topography and enjoy seeing skyline of Hyd’bad. As I am a little tall at 5’9″, i find difficult to see outside or know the direction. I am like a horse with side covers put on both eyes. If i find the driver too rash, i will take the courage to tell him that i am  not in a hurry. I also request him to slow down for speed breakers and pot holes on the road. I know, otherwise, my spine will turn sore after the auto travel. Another funny thing about Hyderbad is that it has areas with many similar sounding names and most likely the autowala will hear what we have not meant. I sit in the auto after fixing the rate, say Rs70, not sure he will oblige me with change.  It is very rare that he carries any change. Even, auto come by meter, the fare is always rounded to next 10 or 20’s. Initially it is used to bother me a lot as I happened to shift here form Mumbai, but now I am reconciled fully.  I am afraid to take any auto with 2 drivers sitting in the front, may be i had some bad experience.  we find some number autos at a center and surprised  to find that none of them are interested in passengers. And  one driver refuses, no one will come from that group. We have to wait for a passing empty auto.  we do not have any indication whether the coming auto is empty or on hire, especially in the late evenings /nights the meters always up and we are fooled  in to call a engaged auto.

As we plan to catch a train at any of the railway stations in Hyd’bad, we wit with bated breath for an auto to reach station on time. It is a suspense to be experienced to be beleieved. Many times, i find, during the night, auto lights are not working and wonder how the driver is able to streer his way in pitch dark.

Some times, the driver is in a mood to communicate, i tried to chat with them cautiously, as i do not want to hurt his sentiments. Mostly, the topics hover around politics, inflation, corruption, their problems etc., . Some times, the chat is quite interesting. Occasionally, i find an auto with a blaring stereo and my request to reduce the sound goes unheeded.

Recently, i came across a driver, his name is Mr. Jahangir, he has been shown me that he was awarded prize for Honesty by the police as he happened to return some valuables to the owner.  Initially, as you try to fix the fare he says Meter is not working.  They justify their overcharging of fare by rationalizing that everyone is looting other in the country, so why not we? We also come across gentleman drivers who are educated and well groomed.  They also discuss local politics and express their favorite party and who they will vote. I have also came across nice guy who was a lorry driver, became a cab driver and now owns two autos. They say the cost of a new auto with all taxes will cost around 2 Lakhs on road and also reveal how much their net earnings in a day.  One auto driver even correctly  guessed my destination in Abids to a Homeo Medical stores. Some of them stop auto to relieve themselves on the side of the road at a “do not urinate”  place. One Autowala was furious when i suggested to him a shorter route. The experiences are unlimited and interactions were very informative and  a good time-pass. May be you can also share your highlights. Adding salt to injury, HTP(Hyd’ Traffic Police) gives mobile number for lodging complaints about refusal to come and overcharge over meter rate or any rude behavior by the Auto driver. we have to take it with a big spoon of salt.   

But, with all this , i offer  Kudos to all these autowalas who navigate you through difficult traffic in a highly polluted city in all seasons to make a living and reach you to your destination. 

Dad’s Notes from a Baby girl to farewell to USA

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  A  Dad’s Diary from a baby girl to farewell to US

Stray memories of a Dad, it may be yourself also! Just a list of events not necessarily chronological


1.  with a few very  close friends, came to see you a just born baby  in a nursing home. It was a mixed odd feeling of awkwardness, happiness, confusion etc.,  My mind was focused and thinking of you, even in crowded trains of XXXXX.

2. Your first birthday, I thought of doing in a grand way. It was raining heavily on 99999 and roads were flooded. I went to all the way to a famous bakery in  XXXXX and brought a fresh cake for the party.

3. As a small baby, we got you photographed in a studio. You posed with raised head and wide eyes and we were all thrilled to see in the photo. I send this photo to a daily in Mumbai, we were pleasantly to see the photo to get promptly published in babies  gallery column.

4. Now my baby girl  has to go to Lower Kinder Garden(LKG). The admissions were tough. One should know the committee to pay donation for admission. I was proud that you got admission and little small girl getting ready to go to school. I saw you off as your school bus picked you up from our house in  xxxxxxx(West).

5. My  house shift  resulted for you to change the  school from one suburb  to another . One convent school took you on a trial basis and after 3 days, they refused admission as you do not have a running hand. I was almost in tears to face the disappointment. Luckily, you were admitted in another convent named “XXX” at XXX campus. I used to walk down with you to the school whenever the “bai”  dropping you at school was absent. It was such a open space and a big campus and saw you enjoying the school.  As a child I, Once during a train journey, closed the door of the toilet, while your finger got crushed. I felt so bad for my hurry and negligence

6. I still remember your photo with your small school bag by your  side legs streched and doing “Home work” and mother helping you, taken in the balcony.

7. You were generally healthy, but we used to take you for the vaccination etc., . You gave us some tense moments as doctor asked  us to carry out some tests etc.,. You overcame the problem with a course of medicines.

8. Now your school in xxxxx is very close to our apartment and we could see you off from our balcony, mom yelling at you some safety instructions.

9. You are now becoming science graduate at xxxxxx. I was with you while watching your marks on the notice board. I was upset when you missed your first class by 2 marks. I was

absolutely thrilled to see taking it stoically. You may be just 19 but you could take it to your stride.

10. You used go for a walk with your friend xxxx. a  very tall girl . Both of you used to relish chocolates in your walks. One day, I happened to pass your way. You were try hide the chocolate, expecting chiding from me!

11. Your morning school in xxxx  used to give us a very tight schedule. In case ironed dress was not ready, I used to do it at home. Even canvass shoes for your PT needed occasional white coat of polish.

12. I was trying if you could get admission   to B. xxxx or B.yyyy , but finally, joined  a  course  in Sciences. You got an opportunity to work with a world renowned  person Dr. xxxxxxx  . You gave a talk at Rotary Club , the photo , I recently discovered.  You joined some company in xxxxxxx, I came to your office during lunch time and you showed your office and equipment. You were representing your company at an exhibition at xxxxi. We got photographed with your boss that day.

13. We went to xxxxr lake for a outing.  There we  saw some children enjoying  coming down on a steep slope. I wanted you to also do it. You went up and came down almost 90%, then you had a great fall. Blood was oozing form you mouth. I cursed myself like anything. With a first aid we cut short our outing and returned  home.

14. You used to loose your contact lenses now and then. Then, we have to order both lenses, One  day, initially,  you had great difficulty in removing contact lense. We requested the help of a neibhour, who was also  wearing lenses. Once we were walking on hill road, and your one contact fell. I got angry.

15. Whenever, we used to go on vacation to places, you used to read a novel. I was expecting you to enjoy nature . You used sleep on tata’s lap on long journeys.

16. You showed some interest in classical music and made attempts to learn Voilin. We engaged a tutor at home and borrowed some violin also from a friend. I used to dream about accompanying my tabla for your violin. But, alas , after a few months , you gave up!

17. It was a big challenge for me to get a copy of xxxx syllabus, which was out of print for many years. This was required in connection with your Visa. I was so thrilled to get it    from a library. I Xeroxed the entire book and returned it as it was a reference copy and not to be issued.

18. We took an appointment with an immigration Lawyer who was staying at Taj hotel. He charged a very hefty sum for his advice but nothing was useful later.

19. You were married but staying with us waiting for Visa  and have to go join your husband in US.  In the meanwhile, unfortunately you had to face a major trauma of operations for almost a year You apparently looked carefree. But when our close family friend tried to consul you, you almost broke down and said you are eager to join your husband.  It was a correct feeling.

20. You were hospitalized and you have to take small walks in the corridor along with all your attachments . I remember I was so happy, you were recovering well and you had full confidence of your recovery.

21. I applied for your education loan after you got your I. 20. It was sanctioned  with some delay. But it was no use   as   you did not get student visa. We were all so depressed that you did not get student F1 visa. It was  tense moments outside US embassy . For first time, it was quite a disappointment. Second time, we were getting used to it!

22. Your TOFEL and GRE preparation was pretty serious. We were really proud that you are one of the top 2% scorer. I used to tell my friends about your achievement..

23. Your husband came to India a few times during your stay in XXXXX. I remember having brought him in a  local bus as he was not having much luggage. Later this incident, has become a laughing joke for mom and others.

24. Yourself  and  your sister  used to merry make with G father after you home work. I used to feel so happy, but you never wanted me in that room, lest I will disturb it!. I could hear your songs and frolic from the other room.

25. You used to have a lot of friends both girls and boys. We were immersed in chatting with friends and sometimes even without a sense of time. You were spontaneous and almost childlike.

26. your horoscope predictions were very accurate and we used to go an astrologer in xxxxxx  to know about your health and  your going abroad.

27. I used to feel unhappy over your accent of  mother tounge  and tried to ensure that there was no physical problem.  But later it was a lot better.

  1. You were scoring better marks in your second language Marathi than local Mumbaites, for whom it is their mother tongue.
  2. You made our first visit to USA such a memorable one. We were taken to a different world during our visit to XXXXXXX.
  3. The old laptop you gave us and the training you gave to amma made us internet savvy. We used to send mails and chat then web cam. It was an exciting experience you gave us. Initially, your mails used to come to our office, then I used to print bring it home to show it to Sister and mom.
  4.  Once went to our village for a vacation.  Then I thought you could learn cycling I  hired a cycle for that purpose. I was holding the seat to keep you balance. But, whole thing went out of balance, both of had a great fall, but only small bruises. We did not pursue it fur With the excitement of  your trip,
  5.  I went to VIP suitcase shop and purchased suitcases. I packed paste etc, so that they will not spill  out in your journey due to pressure.   r.
  1. after you went to US, I was so excited that you sent me a digital watch,  as your first present. I wore it for many years. I used to tell my friends about it. Later , you were sending me packets of Gillette blades. .

You were promptly responding to my requests for articles and websites and through them, I was trying to enhance my knowledge.

  1. You finally got visa , but you were not completely recovered from the ill health.  We through some friend in  XXXXX to see you could sit comfortably in the plane. While seeing you, I touched your cheeks and wished you good luck and happy life. Your travel was booked for XXXX .  although, we mentioned for veg food you could not take anything. We should have mentioned as asian veg. You went without taking anything in the flight.


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Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swami


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శ్రీరామ రక్ష
కవి: సోమిశెట్టి వేణుగోపాల్

ఆదర్శాలకు అంకితమైన
నీతినియమాలకు నిలయమైన

ఏకపత్నీవ్రతముతో పురుషజాతికి
అనుసరణీయుడైన పురుషోత్తముడు
కష్టాలకడలిలో కూడా
విజయానికి వారధి నిర్మించిన
ఆగ్రహం దరిచేరని నిగ్రహంతో
శత్రువుని సైతం చిరునవ్వుతో
ఎదిరించిన ధీరోదాత్తుడు
లోకకళ్యాణార్ధం జరిగిన
ఆ సీతారామకళ్యణం
సదా స్మరణీయం !

శ్రీరాముని ఆదర్శాలను
అనుసరించుటే శ్రీరామరక్ష
రామకోటి రాస్తే జన్మధన్యమైపోదు
ఆయన ధర్మసూత్రాలను
జీవకోటి ఆచరిస్తే చాలు
శ్రీరాముని ఆశీస్సులతో
మళ్ళీ వస్తుంది
నాటి రామరాజ్యం



Tirppavai -Pallandu

April 13, 2013 by

జై శ్రీమన్నారాయణ
శ్రీరామ జయరామ జయజయ రామ
పళ్ళాండు పళ్ళాండు
పల్లాయి రత్తాండు
పలకోడి నూఱాయిరమ్
మల్లాణ్డు తిణ్డోళ్
మణివణ్ణా !
ఉన్ శేవడి
శెవ్వి తిరు క్కాప్పు

అడియో మోడుం నిన్నోడుం
పిరివిన్ఱి ఆయిరం పల్లాండు
వడివాయ్ నిన్ వలమార్బినిల్
వాళ్ గిన్ఱ మంగైయుం పల్లాణ్డు
వడివార్ శోది వలత్తుఱైయుం
శుడ రాళియుం పల్లాండు
వడై పోర్ పుక్కు ముళఙ్గుం
అప్పాఞ్జశన్నియముం పల్లాణ్డే