Fight Noise Pollution-Abuse of Amplifiers


                     Noise Pollution- Abuse of Amplifiers/Loudspeakers

Noise pollution is very hazardous to our health. It affects one and all, but more so for the sick, elderly, children and students. There are many causes of noise pollution and the main culprit is the extensive and abusive use of amplifiers across India, among all sections of our society.

The problem was identified and highlighted many times, but the acts and remedies suggested are being implemented in a half hearted manner.   Supreme Court of India in their order in the year 2005 has stipulated certain restrictions on timings and also the levels of sound in decibels.  Unfortunately, they are implemented more in breach than in spirit.

Extract from Judgment:

Court directed that noise level at boundary of public place, where loudspeaker or public address system or any other noise source is being used shall not exceed 10 dB(A) above ambient noise standards for area or 75 dB(A) whichever is lower – beating of drum or tom-tom or blow of trumpet or beat or sound of any instrument or use of any sound amplifier at night (between 10. 00 p.m. and 6.a.m.) except in public emergencies prohibited – peripheral noise level of privately owned sound system restricted to dB(A) – blowing of vehicular horn in residential area at night hours prohibited – State directed to add chapters in text books regarding ill effects of noise pollution -State directed to specify ambient air quality standards in different areas – State also directed to seize loud speakers and amplifiers making noise beyond permissible limit.

“(10) Loudspeakers should not be allowed to be installed on towers and temple walls, churches and mosques, so as to face the surrounding streets and areas, should be installed within the precincts and turned inwards so that the music is audible only within the precincts of the temple/church/mosque. Exemption will be given during the month of Ramzan when the calls of the Muazzine for prayers is traditionally made from the mosque tower.” This decision has been approved by the Supreme Court in CHURCH OF GOD IN INDIA v.. K.K.R. MAJESTIC COLONY WELFARE ASSOCIATION [AIR 20 00 SC
2773 : 2000 (7) SCC 282].”

It is noticed that the noise pollution levels are very high during prayer calls, festivals and other occasions and become unbearable and torturing to the entire neighbourhood, including those sick in hospitals, resting elders, studying school children and even sleeping kids.  The number of amplifiers may exceed a few thousand say in a city like Hyderabad, Telangana and one can infer the noise in decibel levels during peak times.

It is therefore our sincere appeal to the Government of India, and the concerned departments, to strictly regulate and restrict the use of amplifiers throughout our country by enforcing strictly the existing laws or enacting new acts required for this purpose.  The public will greatly appreciate the peaceful surroundings and hope India will set an example in controlling noise pollution in spite of its diversity of culture and communities.




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