Fleeing Remembrances


Most of  English   medication for cold makes one drowsy ; a transient state from wakefulness and dreaming. Now,  being in that state and controversies  over Jallikattu  and Cockfights looming for the Sakranthi, some nostalgic thoughts are making noise in mind. The best way to reduce that noise is only to express it the way one can do it.

As a boy was excited about going to Sankranti fair near my village. As it was taboo that time for my parents, my mother gave me permission to visit along with a senior trust worthy friend . I was so thrilled that now it may be equivalent to visiting Las Vegas or Atlantic city in US.  we started in the morning with a promise to return before sun set. It was just a few Km from my place and remember having gone by bicycle with double riding . Perikeedu Bridge (Vanthena) is steep and double riding is very difficult.  That bridge is still in  the same way as it was about 60 years. I was given a princely sum of three rupees to spend and enjoy the Sankranthi fair.

The highlights were as usual  “Rangula Ratnam”  , and some other rides. Also there was some gambling with cards called teen patta etc., . The highlights were watching cock fights . It was so exciting to watch with out bothering about concern of animal rights etc.,  . Of course during the process of some small gambling , had exceeded the budget of my Rs. 3.00 and borrowed .25 paise from my friend.

After all the excitement, we returned exhausted.  After a thorough bath ,My mom gave me a hot meals and even after going to bed the entire day was still reeling before me.  But the fear of .25 paise loan from my friend haunted me for many days as i requested my friend to keep it secret. After some time, took the courage to inform my mom about the loan.


13th Jan 2016




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