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Possible Permutations and Combinations of Three

January 10, 2015

Any Graduate Maths student knows about permutations and Combinations:
For simplicity let us take only 3 alphabets from the 27.
It is in a lighter vein and without prejudice.
Here is list of three Alphabets represent 3 imaginary places: H  M   C
Let us take the first case for 3 turns:
1. H remains H Remains H
2. M remains M Remains M
3. C Remains C Remains C
There is no problem and simple.
Let us Complicate it a little
1. H go   M   Go     H
2. H Go    C     Go   H
3. H Go     M Go    C
4. H Go    C go    M
5. C go to   M   then go to   H
6. C go to   H then to    M
7. C go to    H Go to    C
8. C Go to    M Go to    C

7. M go to   C then go to   H
8. M go to    H then to    C
9 M go to    H then to    M
10. M go to    C then to    M

One can add more permutations possible.
Next time we consider 3 imaginary individuals H  M  C marrying and possible combinations & permutations.