Mr. Prasad Goes for a Cardiac Stent – III


Mr. Prasad Goes for a Cardiac Stent-III



Mr. Prasad has been reminding me and growing a little impatient about the delay in sharing his story as narrated extensively to me.


Now, let me resume the story where I left after 2 parts. It happened to be Saturday and I was taken to the special room for Angiogram and shifted back to ICCU  by noon after the Angiogram was done. It was completed by noon. The whole process would have taken about 40 mts.  I was told that a DVD was given to my relation for our information and record.


By Saturday evening, I was told that I will be shifted to a room next day.  We opted for a single room although, we were little vary that all other charges and service tax will be automatically correspondingly hiked.  The next day being Sunday even doctors need respite from their busy schedule.  


Sunday morning, with a lot of persistent effort by my young relation, I was lucky to get being allotted a room, relatively fast. I was told that even this process may normally take a few hours. The   room was OK, but traffic noise from the adjacent road is  a bit irritating. I only wished hospital could have made it sound proof with double glass or some other means as the charges are almost competing with a ***** hotel.  As I am little sensitive to noise, I carried a few ear plugs purchased in US. They  came to my rescue during my entire stay in ICCU, recovery room and even in this  room. Even the cot and linen are not up to the mark. The cot had some small protrusion and got a minor small scratch on the leg while alighting from cot,   A few friends visited me and happily chatted freely with them. I do not know, how, I was apparently very cheerful did not feel any tension. Some medicines were given but I had to request for a small dose of tranquilizer to sleep and thanks this was heeded. 


It was Monday and my Stent process was scheduled in the morning by around 11.30 am.  As we were waiting for this process to start,  there was no trace of this activity. Then out of blue, a person supposed to represent Health Insurance firm informed us to deposit some large sum of money as an advance. This he said the bill may possibly exceed my insurance coverage. Now, we could understand the delay in the process.  One of our experienced relation explained that is a difficult and time consuming process to get back our  advance deposit from Insurance company. There was a tough bargain which I was not aware , and told it was and finally agreed to pay a part of their demand. We were wavering for some time and thought it was wise to pay and expedite the process. Else, we may have to bear with the postponement and delay.


There after, things moved fast enough, I was again taken to the same room of Angiogram. The process started with another terrible pierce on my right forearm below the wrist.  Even with the local anesthesia, it was quite painful. There I could watch on the screen the entire process of inserting a Stent. As a lay man, I could not follow or understand the process. But, I could guess they use a lot modern technology. After the process,  a strong built man put a very tight bandage with much pressure. I came to know that it is essential to stop blood oozing out from that hole. The entire process would have taken about less than an hour.

                                                 (To be concluded in part IV) 


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