Mr. Prasad Goes for a Cardiac Stent-II


Mr. Prasad Goes for a Cardiac Stent-II

Now i reached the nearby corporate hospital in an ambulance fully conscious and in good mood.  Although, I was confident of walking but was put on a wheel chair and was moved to Emergency ward. As a disciplined patient, I have to follow their rules.  I was lucky that the doctor who was to take care of me came and introduced himself, very politely.  The doctor a well mannered middle aged gentleman who is supposed to me my saver from my heart problem. After his examination, I was shifted to ICCU. I was oblivious of the process of admission and wished that I could come out without a very big hole in my pocket. The process was apparently well taken care by my wife and the young relative.  There were so many patients in different states in ICCU and I was fully conscious   and observing around.  They gave me intravenous fluid, some medicines and injections.  By that time, it was about 2.30 pm. I was informed that angiogram will be done the next day and depending on the results the course of treatment will be decided. Except for the continuous beep beeps from the monitoring systems, it was cool and comfortable. Some of the nursing staff, was, I found, really concerned and cooperative.

The day passed off peacefully, while my entire body is being taken care and also occasional collection blood samples and injections. With intravenous on one hand and about 3 connections attached to my body to monitor, moving around was a task.  The three parameters displayed on the monitor, I understand were Oxidization, pulse rate, number of breaths /minute, if I am correct. The bed, I was told is an Alpha bed for comfort. Although, nurses wanted me take rest on the sides it needed much effort to move with the wires around me.

The next day is the day for angiogram, supposed to finally diagnose my heart’s ailment. I was taken to the room, it was very impressive with a lot of equipment and very cool. I was applied with a local anesthesia on my right forearm wrist, thereafter something hard was pierced. It was painful, but local anesthesia helped me to bear it. I was under a sophisticated instrument and could see a team of people doing a job on me. After a few minutes, I could see on the screen how my heart has been working restlessly for so many years to keep me ticking.  I could also notice a small place in an artery thinning like a wide road has to pass through a narrow culvert. I was told that was the problem to be rectified. The whole process got over in about 45 minutes.  The whole process automatically recorded on a DVD.  My relations were waiting outside were told he may require a Stent to be placed for treatment. I was curious to know that whether I should have come earlier, but doctor affirmed that it was not so. I was taken back to ICCU for rest and put under observation. I only wished and hoped  that my problem could be sorted out with medicines onlyand no need for a stent.



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