Mr. Prasad Goes for a Cardiac Stent-I


Mr. Prasad Goes for a Cardiac Stent-I

Are you interested in reading a first hand account of cardiac stent in a Corporate Hospital from  Mr. Prasad ? He has given a detailed  account of his episode and experiences. He did not object  to my sharing it with you all.  He only requested me not to reveal the name of the hospital or names of doctors for obvious reasons. I have endeavored to make an interesting reading. It does not purport to be of any guidance to anyone or any  medical reference. Any inference is at your own liability and risk.    Hope you may like?

Mr.  Prasad  a common man just nearing the age  70 with moderately good health and  not at all a typical probable heart patient.  He   shared with me his story going for a cardiac stent in a corporate hospital in his own words:

” I am considered a person with above average health with more or less regular life style. I feel , I have been taking good care of my health except for sweet tooth. I have been taking medicines for high BP for the last 6 years. I have been taking regular walks for about 30 mts in the evening in a less crowded and peaceful area.  Although I  miss it occasionally, but try to resume it as early as possible. It all started, during my evening walk, one day,  I noticed a shooting pain in the left arm. i felt little uneasy and returned normally to home. I checked it online and found it can be due to many reasons including a bad sleeping position or  spondylitis  or muscle spasm .  But, I continued my walking routine and consulted an Ayurveda and an Allopathy doctor. They gave me some medicines and never insisted  that i should go for  cardiac checkup at the earliest.  But, casually suggested that i may consult cardiac specialist at my convenience. In the meanwhile, I have been gathering information about reliable, dependable, good  doctor nearby.  I am aware that there are some  inherent doubts in public at large including me that a common  cannot really afford the treatments  in any corporate  hospital. There are stories going around from patients that there were many costly and avoidable tests and prolonged treatments that may cost up to  a million.

It was a few days after that and I had a dental problem  also and  a visit to a Dentist has taken precedence over a my consultation with a cardiologist. At home, i did not feel any sort of pain, heaviness or inconvenience and reconciled  that pain  was transient and that too when i am walking.  There was no pain or discomfort in the area of heart.

Earlier day, i  went for X-ray for possible neck problem and incidentally i got an ECG done. ECG showed some not desirable features but i fooled myself that many times there are false indications and hoped it may not be serious enough.

One day morning, I had a severe discomfort in heart without any sweating or other symptoms generally associated with heart attack and guessed it to be, may be a minor heart attack.  In fact, I planned for the tests next day. Immediately, myself and my wife called a Taxi service to reach a corporate hospital a little far away. The only reason was that the doctor is a known and had seen me earlier a few years ago.  I walked upstairs to the doctor  in a cheerful mood. The Doctor was on on rounds and came with in a few minutes and arranged for my ECG. Doctor diagonized  the  problem and did not allow me to talk much. She/he asked me the nearest branch of their hospital as i should be admitted. He/she immedialtely contacted the doctor at that hospital. The doctor is a lady  and now i use she. she was very considerate and inquired about the mode of transport. As a precaution, before starting for hospital for tests i have informed a few of my important relatives about this.  I also taken my health insurance card  for any emergency. One of my  relative  an youth already arrived there. Another relative reached later and was informed that he has been sent in an ambulance to a corporate hospital to another branch. Even, ambulance wading its way through Hyd’bad traffic took quite some time.

Now the scene shifts to a corporate  hospital nearby and wait and watch for next blog Mr. Prasad Goes for a Cardiac Stent-II.   




One Response to “Mr. Prasad Goes for a Cardiac Stent-I”

  1. viji Says:

    we are waiting to watch the part-II details sir…that is an interesting episode……..viji

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