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Mr. Prasad Goes for a Cardiac Stent-part IV

January 21, 2014

Mr. Prasad Goes for a Cardiac Stent-IV

The next part was the worst part of memory. I was shifted a bed in an adjacent recovery room with a number of beds very close to each other. Unfortunately, my allotted bed was just at the entrance side of the opening spring door.  I did not wear any watch and time is of no consequence then. But,  a few times I enquired about it in ICCU. Here also the wall clock was not fully visible from my bed.  I guess it may be around 2 PM. The recovery room was full of activity with so many patients and vsitors going and coming and even may trips by hospital staff. Every time, the door was opened, my bed used to get a jerk. It was so irritating.  I thought it was due door hitting the dining help table. I requested the staff to move the table away from the door.  Even then, it was quite unbearable. I requested the in-charge nurse to shift me from my bed, but prepared to face the ordeal. Luckily, after some time  a patient ( looks some  Seth) was taken for some tests for some time. The nurse exchanged cots along with me. It gave me a great relief. Here also the monitors were put but some how less noisy than those of ICCU. But, I was very eager get away from this recovery room. One lady patient was brought to the room at around 11 PM and was told she underwent a 12 hour Marathon by pass surgery. I thanked my stars for undergoing relatively very small procedure. My doctor visited me in the morning and enquired about my sleep last night. I thought it was not proper courtesy to reveal him my ordeal, but just said there was too much activity around in the room. He gave me the good news and I will be shifted back to my room. I was not aware what was going on with my relations and presumed they will be resting in the private room for the night. I was surprised to come to know, later, that as per rules, rooms will not be provided if the patient is in ICCU or recovery room. I did not know this and expected some close relations will say hello in the recovery room. My relations were asked to vacate the room and in the night, they had to go back to their home for night stay. Of course, it looks a very unreasonable but we have to follow their rules, although irksome to patients. 


I was shifted back to the room, from the recovery room.  I am greatly relieved and am proud owner of a new Stent in my Heart. I do not know whether I should be happy or unhappy about it.   There was another thrill in the offing.  About 12 years ago, I took Insurance for certain amount which would then cover cots even in case of bypass surgery. But with inflation at its worst, 12 years later it, I was disappointed it does not cover even a single stent procedure.  We sent our young relation to enquire about an estimate about the total cost. Some one told almost a staggering figure and really weak hearted would again a heart attack. As it is fait accomplice,  that I have to pay the bill before discharge. My mind started working overtime, to overcome this likely awkward situation and remembered all my wealthy friends who can come to my rescue.  I increased my credit card limit immediately.  But, I also sounded one of my close relation  and a vague assurance.  I was cursing myself as I have not provided for this runaway inflation like many honest retired people, thanks to the bad governance of our economy.  I only hoped that the estimate is inflated and will be much less.


That was Wednesday and eagerly waiting for the arrival of the doctor to order my discharge. It was around 9.30 am and doctor arrived and informed us.  Then the activity of arriving at the bill and clearance from Health Insurance company. And finally, how much more I  may have to pay.  Luckily, the entire bill was not very high like the estimate, but I had to make some additional payment over and above Insurance coverage.   The entire process,  is a little agonizing, only hoped it could be expedited.  It was around 5.30 pm, I bid farewell to the CorporateHospital with all good and bed experiences and memories.  I thought, I could share with   my friend all those.


Note: I thank all those who have read the experiences of my Friend Mr. Prasad and enjoyed reading it. But please do not take any insurances   from these series. 






Mr. Prasad Goes for a Cardiac Stent – III

January 16, 2014

Mr. Prasad Goes for a Cardiac Stent-III



Mr. Prasad has been reminding me and growing a little impatient about the delay in sharing his story as narrated extensively to me.


Now, let me resume the story where I left after 2 parts. It happened to be Saturday and I was taken to the special room for Angiogram and shifted back to ICCU  by noon after the Angiogram was done. It was completed by noon. The whole process would have taken about 40 mts.  I was told that a DVD was given to my relation for our information and record.


By Saturday evening, I was told that I will be shifted to a room next day.  We opted for a single room although, we were little vary that all other charges and service tax will be automatically correspondingly hiked.  The next day being Sunday even doctors need respite from their busy schedule.  


Sunday morning, with a lot of persistent effort by my young relation, I was lucky to get being allotted a room, relatively fast. I was told that even this process may normally take a few hours. The   room was OK, but traffic noise from the adjacent road is  a bit irritating. I only wished hospital could have made it sound proof with double glass or some other means as the charges are almost competing with a ***** hotel.  As I am little sensitive to noise, I carried a few ear plugs purchased in US. They  came to my rescue during my entire stay in ICCU, recovery room and even in this  room. Even the cot and linen are not up to the mark. The cot had some small protrusion and got a minor small scratch on the leg while alighting from cot,   A few friends visited me and happily chatted freely with them. I do not know, how, I was apparently very cheerful did not feel any tension. Some medicines were given but I had to request for a small dose of tranquilizer to sleep and thanks this was heeded. 


It was Monday and my Stent process was scheduled in the morning by around 11.30 am.  As we were waiting for this process to start,  there was no trace of this activity. Then out of blue, a person supposed to represent Health Insurance firm informed us to deposit some large sum of money as an advance. This he said the bill may possibly exceed my insurance coverage. Now, we could understand the delay in the process.  One of our experienced relation explained that is a difficult and time consuming process to get back our  advance deposit from Insurance company. There was a tough bargain which I was not aware , and told it was and finally agreed to pay a part of their demand. We were wavering for some time and thought it was wise to pay and expedite the process. Else, we may have to bear with the postponement and delay.


There after, things moved fast enough, I was again taken to the same room of Angiogram. The process started with another terrible pierce on my right forearm below the wrist.  Even with the local anesthesia, it was quite painful. There I could watch on the screen the entire process of inserting a Stent. As a lay man, I could not follow or understand the process. But, I could guess they use a lot modern technology. After the process,  a strong built man put a very tight bandage with much pressure. I came to know that it is essential to stop blood oozing out from that hole. The entire process would have taken about less than an hour.

                                                 (To be concluded in part IV) 

Mr. Prasad Goes for a Cardiac Stent-II

January 3, 2014

Mr. Prasad Goes for a Cardiac Stent-II

Now i reached the nearby corporate hospital in an ambulance fully conscious and in good mood.  Although, I was confident of walking but was put on a wheel chair and was moved to Emergency ward. As a disciplined patient, I have to follow their rules.  I was lucky that the doctor who was to take care of me came and introduced himself, very politely.  The doctor a well mannered middle aged gentleman who is supposed to me my saver from my heart problem. After his examination, I was shifted to ICCU. I was oblivious of the process of admission and wished that I could come out without a very big hole in my pocket. The process was apparently well taken care by my wife and the young relative.  There were so many patients in different states in ICCU and I was fully conscious   and observing around.  They gave me intravenous fluid, some medicines and injections.  By that time, it was about 2.30 pm. I was informed that angiogram will be done the next day and depending on the results the course of treatment will be decided. Except for the continuous beep beeps from the monitoring systems, it was cool and comfortable. Some of the nursing staff, was, I found, really concerned and cooperative.

The day passed off peacefully, while my entire body is being taken care and also occasional collection blood samples and injections. With intravenous on one hand and about 3 connections attached to my body to monitor, moving around was a task.  The three parameters displayed on the monitor, I understand were Oxidization, pulse rate, number of breaths /minute, if I am correct. The bed, I was told is an Alpha bed for comfort. Although, nurses wanted me take rest on the sides it needed much effort to move with the wires around me.

The next day is the day for angiogram, supposed to finally diagnose my heart’s ailment. I was taken to the room, it was very impressive with a lot of equipment and very cool. I was applied with a local anesthesia on my right forearm wrist, thereafter something hard was pierced. It was painful, but local anesthesia helped me to bear it. I was under a sophisticated instrument and could see a team of people doing a job on me. After a few minutes, I could see on the screen how my heart has been working restlessly for so many years to keep me ticking.  I could also notice a small place in an artery thinning like a wide road has to pass through a narrow culvert. I was told that was the problem to be rectified. The whole process got over in about 45 minutes.  The whole process automatically recorded on a DVD.  My relations were waiting outside were told he may require a Stent to be placed for treatment. I was curious to know that whether I should have come earlier, but doctor affirmed that it was not so. I was taken back to ICCU for rest and put under observation. I only wished and hoped  that my problem could be sorted out with medicines onlyand no need for a stent.


Mr. Prasad Goes for a Cardiac Stent-I

January 1, 2014

Mr. Prasad Goes for a Cardiac Stent-I

Are you interested in reading a first hand account of cardiac stent in a Corporate Hospital from  Mr. Prasad ? He has given a detailed  account of his episode and experiences. He did not object  to my sharing it with you all.  He only requested me not to reveal the name of the hospital or names of doctors for obvious reasons. I have endeavored to make an interesting reading. It does not purport to be of any guidance to anyone or any  medical reference. Any inference is at your own liability and risk.    Hope you may like?

Mr.  Prasad  a common man just nearing the age  70 with moderately good health and  not at all a typical probable heart patient.  He   shared with me his story going for a cardiac stent in a corporate hospital in his own words:

” I am considered a person with above average health with more or less regular life style. I feel , I have been taking good care of my health except for sweet tooth. I have been taking medicines for high BP for the last 6 years. I have been taking regular walks for about 30 mts in the evening in a less crowded and peaceful area.  Although I  miss it occasionally, but try to resume it as early as possible. It all started, during my evening walk, one day,  I noticed a shooting pain in the left arm. i felt little uneasy and returned normally to home. I checked it online and found it can be due to many reasons including a bad sleeping position or  spondylitis  or muscle spasm .  But, I continued my walking routine and consulted an Ayurveda and an Allopathy doctor. They gave me some medicines and never insisted  that i should go for  cardiac checkup at the earliest.  But, casually suggested that i may consult cardiac specialist at my convenience. In the meanwhile, I have been gathering information about reliable, dependable, good  doctor nearby.  I am aware that there are some  inherent doubts in public at large including me that a common  cannot really afford the treatments  in any corporate  hospital. There are stories going around from patients that there were many costly and avoidable tests and prolonged treatments that may cost up to  a million.

It was a few days after that and I had a dental problem  also and  a visit to a Dentist has taken precedence over a my consultation with a cardiologist. At home, i did not feel any sort of pain, heaviness or inconvenience and reconciled  that pain  was transient and that too when i am walking.  There was no pain or discomfort in the area of heart.

Earlier day, i  went for X-ray for possible neck problem and incidentally i got an ECG done. ECG showed some not desirable features but i fooled myself that many times there are false indications and hoped it may not be serious enough.

One day morning, I had a severe discomfort in heart without any sweating or other symptoms generally associated with heart attack and guessed it to be, may be a minor heart attack.  In fact, I planned for the tests next day. Immediately, myself and my wife called a Taxi service to reach a corporate hospital a little far away. The only reason was that the doctor is a known and had seen me earlier a few years ago.  I walked upstairs to the doctor  in a cheerful mood. The Doctor was on on rounds and came with in a few minutes and arranged for my ECG. Doctor diagonized  the  problem and did not allow me to talk much. She/he asked me the nearest branch of their hospital as i should be admitted. He/she immedialtely contacted the doctor at that hospital. The doctor is a lady  and now i use she. she was very considerate and inquired about the mode of transport. As a precaution, before starting for hospital for tests i have informed a few of my important relatives about this.  I also taken my health insurance card  for any emergency. One of my  relative  an youth already arrived there. Another relative reached later and was informed that he has been sent in an ambulance to a corporate hospital to another branch. Even, ambulance wading its way through Hyd’bad traffic took quite some time.

Now the scene shifts to a corporate  hospital nearby and wait and watch for next blog Mr. Prasad Goes for a Cardiac Stent-II.