Dad’s Notes from a Baby girl to farewell to USA


  A  Dad’s Diary from a baby girl to farewell to US

Stray memories of a Dad, it may be yourself also! Just a list of events not necessarily chronological


1.  with a few very  close friends, came to see you a just born baby  in a nursing home. It was a mixed odd feeling of awkwardness, happiness, confusion etc.,  My mind was focused and thinking of you, even in crowded trains of XXXXX.

2. Your first birthday, I thought of doing in a grand way. It was raining heavily on 99999 and roads were flooded. I went to all the way to a famous bakery in  XXXXX and brought a fresh cake for the party.

3. As a small baby, we got you photographed in a studio. You posed with raised head and wide eyes and we were all thrilled to see in the photo. I send this photo to a daily in Mumbai, we were pleasantly to see the photo to get promptly published in babies  gallery column.

4. Now my baby girl  has to go to Lower Kinder Garden(LKG). The admissions were tough. One should know the committee to pay donation for admission. I was proud that you got admission and little small girl getting ready to go to school. I saw you off as your school bus picked you up from our house in  xxxxxxx(West).

5. My  house shift  resulted for you to change the  school from one suburb  to another . One convent school took you on a trial basis and after 3 days, they refused admission as you do not have a running hand. I was almost in tears to face the disappointment. Luckily, you were admitted in another convent named “XXX” at XXX campus. I used to walk down with you to the school whenever the “bai”  dropping you at school was absent. It was such a open space and a big campus and saw you enjoying the school.  As a child I, Once during a train journey, closed the door of the toilet, while your finger got crushed. I felt so bad for my hurry and negligence

6. I still remember your photo with your small school bag by your  side legs streched and doing “Home work” and mother helping you, taken in the balcony.

7. You were generally healthy, but we used to take you for the vaccination etc., . You gave us some tense moments as doctor asked  us to carry out some tests etc.,. You overcame the problem with a course of medicines.

8. Now your school in xxxxx is very close to our apartment and we could see you off from our balcony, mom yelling at you some safety instructions.

9. You are now becoming science graduate at xxxxxx. I was with you while watching your marks on the notice board. I was upset when you missed your first class by 2 marks. I was

absolutely thrilled to see taking it stoically. You may be just 19 but you could take it to your stride.

10. You used go for a walk with your friend xxxx. a  very tall girl . Both of you used to relish chocolates in your walks. One day, I happened to pass your way. You were try hide the chocolate, expecting chiding from me!

11. Your morning school in xxxx  used to give us a very tight schedule. In case ironed dress was not ready, I used to do it at home. Even canvass shoes for your PT needed occasional white coat of polish.

12. I was trying if you could get admission   to B. xxxx or B.yyyy , but finally, joined  a  course  in Sciences. You got an opportunity to work with a world renowned  person Dr. xxxxxxx  . You gave a talk at Rotary Club , the photo , I recently discovered.  You joined some company in xxxxxxx, I came to your office during lunch time and you showed your office and equipment. You were representing your company at an exhibition at xxxxi. We got photographed with your boss that day.

13. We went to xxxxr lake for a outing.  There we  saw some children enjoying  coming down on a steep slope. I wanted you to also do it. You went up and came down almost 90%, then you had a great fall. Blood was oozing form you mouth. I cursed myself like anything. With a first aid we cut short our outing and returned  home.

14. You used to loose your contact lenses now and then. Then, we have to order both lenses, One  day, initially,  you had great difficulty in removing contact lense. We requested the help of a neibhour, who was also  wearing lenses. Once we were walking on hill road, and your one contact fell. I got angry.

15. Whenever, we used to go on vacation to places, you used to read a novel. I was expecting you to enjoy nature . You used sleep on tata’s lap on long journeys.

16. You showed some interest in classical music and made attempts to learn Voilin. We engaged a tutor at home and borrowed some violin also from a friend. I used to dream about accompanying my tabla for your violin. But, alas , after a few months , you gave up!

17. It was a big challenge for me to get a copy of xxxx syllabus, which was out of print for many years. This was required in connection with your Visa. I was so thrilled to get it    from a library. I Xeroxed the entire book and returned it as it was a reference copy and not to be issued.

18. We took an appointment with an immigration Lawyer who was staying at Taj hotel. He charged a very hefty sum for his advice but nothing was useful later.

19. You were married but staying with us waiting for Visa  and have to go join your husband in US.  In the meanwhile, unfortunately you had to face a major trauma of operations for almost a year You apparently looked carefree. But when our close family friend tried to consul you, you almost broke down and said you are eager to join your husband.  It was a correct feeling.

20. You were hospitalized and you have to take small walks in the corridor along with all your attachments . I remember I was so happy, you were recovering well and you had full confidence of your recovery.

21. I applied for your education loan after you got your I. 20. It was sanctioned  with some delay. But it was no use   as   you did not get student visa. We were all so depressed that you did not get student F1 visa. It was  tense moments outside US embassy . For first time, it was quite a disappointment. Second time, we were getting used to it!

22. Your TOFEL and GRE preparation was pretty serious. We were really proud that you are one of the top 2% scorer. I used to tell my friends about your achievement..

23. Your husband came to India a few times during your stay in XXXXX. I remember having brought him in a  local bus as he was not having much luggage. Later this incident, has become a laughing joke for mom and others.

24. Yourself  and  your sister  used to merry make with G father after you home work. I used to feel so happy, but you never wanted me in that room, lest I will disturb it!. I could hear your songs and frolic from the other room.

25. You used to have a lot of friends both girls and boys. We were immersed in chatting with friends and sometimes even without a sense of time. You were spontaneous and almost childlike.

26. your horoscope predictions were very accurate and we used to go an astrologer in xxxxxx  to know about your health and  your going abroad.

27. I used to feel unhappy over your accent of  mother tounge  and tried to ensure that there was no physical problem.  But later it was a lot better.

  1. You were scoring better marks in your second language Marathi than local Mumbaites, for whom it is their mother tongue.
  2. You made our first visit to USA such a memorable one. We were taken to a different world during our visit to XXXXXXX.
  3. The old laptop you gave us and the training you gave to amma made us internet savvy. We used to send mails and chat then web cam. It was an exciting experience you gave us. Initially, your mails used to come to our office, then I used to print bring it home to show it to Sister and mom.
  4.  Once went to our village for a vacation.  Then I thought you could learn cycling I  hired a cycle for that purpose. I was holding the seat to keep you balance. But, whole thing went out of balance, both of had a great fall, but only small bruises. We did not pursue it fur With the excitement of  your trip,
  5.  I went to VIP suitcase shop and purchased suitcases. I packed paste etc, so that they will not spill  out in your journey due to pressure.   r.
  1. after you went to US, I was so excited that you sent me a digital watch,  as your first present. I wore it for many years. I used to tell my friends about it. Later , you were sending me packets of Gillette blades. .

You were promptly responding to my requests for articles and websites and through them, I was trying to enhance my knowledge.

  1. You finally got visa , but you were not completely recovered from the ill health.  We through some friend in  XXXXX to see you could sit comfortably in the plane. While seeing you, I touched your cheeks and wished you good luck and happy life. Your travel was booked for XXXX .  although, we mentioned for veg food you could not take anything. We should have mentioned as asian veg. You went without taking anything in the flight.

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