Learning Tabla-A Graded System-1


Tabla Bols: A Graded System-1


Having spent more than three decades in my pursuit to learn Tabla, the most popular and versatile Hindustani Rhythm instrument, and my background being Statistics and Computer Systems, I made an attempt to find a graded system of Tabla Language. I am not a pundit in the subject and  look forward to your esteemed views and suggestions.


Here I used English alphabets in the place of Hindi and the English I used will get transliterated to proper Telugu using   www.telugulipi.net


These are the four syllable bols(words) to begin with: count as 1 2 3 4 for each syllable


1. thi   ta  thi  ta   2. tha  ka  tha  ka   3. thi  ri   ki   ta     4. tha  ga  tha ga

5. Dhi  ta  Dhi ta


6. ki   ta   thi  ta   7. ki   tha   thi  ta    8. ki  ta  tha  ka     9. ki  ta  tha  ga

10. thA  thA  thi ta


11. dhA  dhA  thi  ta    12. thin  na  ki  na    13. Dhin  na  gi  na   14. ge  da  na  ga


15. DhA  thi  DhA  thi  16. DhA  DhA  thin na   17. thA  thA  Dhin   na


18. Dhit  S  tha  ka    19. kra  Dhe  thi   ta    20. na  ga  thi  ta


21. DhA   ge  thra  ka     22. thA  ke  thra  ka


Next will be 8 syllable Bols.







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