Terrace and Balcony can Inspire You!


                 Recollections of my Terrace and Balcony views-Part I

 This has been my one of the long pending Blogs, for many reasons. One reason that  might be, like a realty show where I need to share a lot personal information, I shy away, although they are not  confidential. Years ago, a magazine (might be  Illustrated Weekly of India) conducted a contest of photographs taken from their windows and published them. It was a really a visual treat that I still remember them.  Incidentally, like many of us I had the experiences of living in Village, Towns, City .  With this little introduction, let me recollect my views since my childhood.

Going to balconies and terrace is a common habit among us and most of us spends a few seconds to few hours, depending on his own time schedules and priorities. It provides a view from a higher place and can observe a few things casually or absorbingly.

My childhood days till age of 14 were spent a village. The village is in coastal districts of A.P. near Vijayawada. My house is a ranch type house with a small terrace, overlooking a small road. Later a small room was constructed on the part of terrace.  That was ancestral house constructed much above the ground level.  The road before us leads to water tank and mornings and evenings, it was busy with water fetchers gents carrying specially designed stick put on the shoulder with  two vessels equally balanced nets with vessels   (“ Kavidi”), while ladies and children used to carry water carrying vessels and pots“ Bindelu”. During this time ladies used to exchange some chat.  My grandfather’s house constructed with a common wall had 1stfloor with two rooms and a terrace on that. That was the highest place, I could go then. With school and play and some restrictions by elders my visits there are not very frequent. Occasionally, when I went there I could have glance of paddy crop spread over large area, a small pond for

washer- men and high tension towers carrying power lines. Still at a distance the eastern Ghats, smooth hills from a distance. I could enjoy the grace of sun setting in the west. Now, I realize how scenic that sight was. Even now, when I visit that place very rarely, I make it point to relive it again. In sultry summers, we used to sleep on that terrace. It was such an experience to watch the starlit sky on new moon days with countless stars shining  and with little clouds running with moon. It requires a some poetic talent to express the feelings. I was amazed to watch the open sky with vast expanse of universe and stars falling from sky lying on my bed.

It was a blessing in disguise there was no electricity in the village  and lights not spoiling the natural view.

If you find this  interesting,  may I  post Part-2!



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