Balcony Views-A NostalgicTour



I have been thinking of this blog for some time, but was a littel lazy and also to do it or not?

It is very common for most of  us to view from a higher place. It happens may be once in a way or whenever, if it is your home. I am not talking about viewing from Empire State building or Qutub Minar. It gives you a better view to look around. It is different from viewing from the same level.

May I share personal experiences on this. As it is a little prsonal, so respect my privacy a little. Even remebrances of your views from  balconies is worth a nostalgia. 

Early boyhood:

As a young boy, really i did not have so much time to stand and stare. As children, we were busy with studies, playing.  it was not a time when one thinks of apprecaiting bird’s eye view seriously.  But i had a room in the first floor of my old house, surrounded by noisy trees. It was not much of a view. I used to go to second floor level in my grand parents house and could get a view of our village.  especillay, sunset was a feast to watch. It has distant smooth mountains ” eastren ghats”, may be far away, green fields, tanks etc., As parapet walls are low, elders used to discourage us from going there frequently. we, friends walk around on the open terrace and enjoy the freedom, unpolluted breeze. Occasionally, we start singing form nowhere. The setting is a small village in a coastal Andhra. We used to hold some get togethers there. It was a sheer delight to sleep there in summer nights. The sky used to astonish us with so many twinkiling stars. It was a little sky gazing, before we dropped off to sleep. Early, morning hot sun used to wake up and no way could continue to sleep in the open daylight.  it used to happen, with a small bedroll and earthren kuja, climb down to our house. Occasional summer showers, were disturbing our sleep. we used to wait till the bed gets wet to come down, or rain stops whichever happend early.

Hope to continue my series depending my interest and your interest!



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