Meet Famous Musicians-They are Humble


Encounters with Musical celebrities

Celebrities  are made of your interest in the field else they are like anyone!

A few years ago, during my visit to Eluru, I was thrilled to see old photo album my Dad’s friend  who was Secretary of Thyagaraja Gana Sabha , Eluru for many years. He had over years photographed himself with luminaries of then Music world, mostly Carnatic style. I remember having worked as a volunteer for some of the concerts, but that time I did not quite develop an ear for music.

During 1960, my uncle was working with All India Radio, Vijayawada station as announcer. He used to take me there frequently. So I could  meet great many artists like Yella Venkateswara rao,  M Balamuralikrishna,   Voleti Venktaeswaralu etc.,

As I started developing interest in  Hindustani Music,  later, it has been very exciting to have chance meetings with great musicians. I just want to recall a few moments of those to focus on their greatness of these  artists.

While  I was in college, I collected the address of Mukesh and requested for his photo . I was overwhelmed when he replied me saying that instead of his photo, he sent me some soulful poems penned by Shailendra.

I started developing interest in Hindustani music and started my tabla learning.  I attended a  programme  of Bhajans by Anup Jalota at Cross Maidan, Mumbai  and ventured to meet him after the programme to get his autograph, he chatted with me for a few moments and also obliged me with an autograph.

It was a big programme at Shivaji Park, of Pt. hariprasad Chourasia and Ustad Zakir Hussein. I was one among the thousands of audience.  We reached early to venue  so, I could meet them and collect their autographs, I found both of them humility personified. During that time, we could only hear  the musicians but their faces were not so popular.  With the advent of TV, one could identify some of the artists.

I was commuting from Bandra by local train and I used to observe a person at window seat with dark glasses and aloof – I was introduced to him later by a music enthusiast none other than  Pt. Nithyanand Haldipur – a famous flutist. I used to chat with him occasionally.

Similarly, I met  Pt.  Sandananda Naimpalli, he was seated in the back seat in the bus and taking rest – I did not want to disturb him. Later I had a wonderful chat with him from Woril to Nariman Point. I had a chance meeting with sitar maestro Pt. Shankar rao  Abhyankar and fortunate to be able to practice theka for his sitar practice.

At Karnataka Sangh Hall, Matunga , Mumbai there used to be free Sunday morning  music concert where I met Omkar Gulwadi and other great musicians.

Pt. Jasraj holds a 3 day music festival in Hyderabad – I met him once there. He was extremely busy, but spared a few moments to acknowledge me for a few moments and gave  his autograph – During break, I had the privilege of sipping tea with Sri Kedar Pandit who played pakhwaj instead of table on that day.

I cherish the memories. I look forward to meet many more musical celebrities and spend a few moments and get inspired to love Hindustani music.


One Response to “Meet Famous Musicians-They are Humble”

  1. kiran Says:

    Can you let me know of interactions you had with sri voleti during your visits to AIR Vijayawada?..What kind of person was he etc??

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