Sentiment .vs. Talent



Sentiment .vs. Talent

Recently, I had a sort of dilemma over the above issue. Let me narrate it. I volunteered to train young Vedic students to perform ‘Bhajans’ for a programme in connection with some big event. It was a select batch of 14. I have been giving lessons for about a few months in Tabla to these students. They made progress to basics of at least be able to clap to the rhythm of a beat. 

The time was just a week for us to be able to perform 10 selected ‘Bhajans’ for an hour or so. I identified boys who are doing a moderate job on cymbals, kanjira, Dolak and Tabla including lead singers.  A young boy may be 7 or 8 year old has managed to join the group and was coming for the rehearsals. During this time, I was examining each student if he was clapping for the rhythm. I noticed this new young boy although had lot of interest was not able to follow the beat.  So, I told him to leave the group. He left.

 As I finished rehearsal and while leaving I noticed the same young boy crying in the next room with eyes overflowing with tears.  I tried my best to console him and also promised him a chance next time. But, he was inconsolable. His tears were touching my sentiment and sentiment overruled talent. Eventually, the boy came on the stage among 15 boys for ‘Bhajan’ programme.  It reminded me of the scenes of selection process where many participants do not make it to next round  of   “Indian Idol’’ a popular  TV serial.


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