Vision 2020-A Village in INDIA


I  like this post very much as I personally  enjoyed  many  of the things mentioned  during  1944-58

Vision 2020


In the present days one is judged by the place one stays and our children are by the country they live.

But, shortly, the glamour of counties abroad will face stiff competition from our villages.

Our homes in villages will have big backyards and front yards with various  flower plants like Jasmine, hibiscus, marigolds etc., and neem tress  coconut , plantain and a variety of vegetable plants like Okra, Brinjal, beans etc.,. The well water in the backyard is sweat, pure and healthy. The waste water form house hold chores like washing etc., goes to the plants. The birds come to  the leftovers from meals.

The home will be happy with many of our near and dear like grandfather, uncles and aunties, big and small in a happy joint family living together. Each couple and children will have A/C rooms. PCs and tractors, other machinery  are extensively used for  agriculture  . The home will have many cars for use and house is powered by solar and cooking on gobar gas.

with  Handpound rice, and fresh ghee and vegetables from the home garden and thick curds, family will  have sumptuous meal together.  Children will learn form nature and open places  and  Vedas are taught with other subjects including computers. We can reach the green fields with in a Kilometer  radius and elders in late seventies can easily walk about 5,6 kms and grandmas can pound rice for special delicacies. Entire family depends on agriculture and all like what they do. But they are uptodate with latest technologies. We need not sacrifice the talent of our children and utilize it for our selves. Over and above every one leads a contented life. What more is required!

Freely Transalated by Ramakrishna Addanki  from “andhrabhoomi” weekly , ‘Uhala pallaki lO’ 20-5-2010 written by Rayaprolu Lalitha


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