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What to ask from God?

May 29, 2010

Jai Srimannarayana!

Excerpts from HH Chinna Jeeyar Swami’s Pravacanamu on 23rd May ‘10.

(Telugu pravacanamu  translated to English)


The present day life has become highly artificial. We are mistaking it as modern civilization. The wants of public have increased manifold. A simple naïve, contended villager has limited wants and prays at the village temple. His prayers are for the continued welfare of God.  But, sophisticated urban man have too many wishes and try to pray God to grant all of them at the earliest.

We should rise to a level that we should be able not to ask anything from God! By praying God for our desires, we are conditioning his Grace, Compassion, energy and abilities. The meaning of  ‘Sevas’ in the temples signifies this aspect.  If you are doing   ‘Kalyanamu’ of Laxmi and Narayana or Sita and Rama, we are bringing together the universal Mother and Father. With this our wishes will be fulfilled because ‘Amma’ (Mother) knows your wants and they are given by (Father) ‘Ayya’. By arranging the marriage of  RAMA as bridegroom and SITA as bride we are seeking

 “Jagat Kalyanamu”. It includes me, you and all those which sustain the world (Jagat). So, if entire universe is taken care of, you and me are also obviously taken care of.

It is meaningless to seek boon from God as He knows what to give, how much to give and when to give. Henceforth, when we visit a temple, start praying for the ‘Mangalam’ of God. Then automatically, your wishes will also be granted. He will take care of all   your both immediate and long term needs. Then can  we do  try to rise to that level!


The Profound Import of ‘Jai Srimannarayana’

May 16, 2010

Jai Sriamannarayana!

The Profound Import of Jai Srimannarayana!

H H Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji during his inimitable pravacanamu explained the meaning of “ Jai Srimannarayana “ during a Vikasatarangini Volunteer training camp conducted a  few years ago at JET Bldg, Domalguda, Hyderabad. This dasudu is one of the fortunate to listen and ventures to put a few words in a humble effort to translate it in English.

HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji started saying that it is not the name of any person.  Incidentally, tirunamams of H.H. Pedda Jeeyar Swami H.H. Chinna Jeeyar swamiji are same  as Sriman ‘Srimannarayanacharyulu’ in their purvasramam. Then what it is? The santhimantram we recite taken from ‘Ishavasyopanishad’ “Ishavasya”  and  “Purnamidhaam” just explain the nature and quality of the ‘Tatvamu’ of the God who is creator and controller of the universe.   We are trying to describe the quality which we adore and worship. We want to get to the core of the  source entire power and love  manifested and unmanifested  in the Universe. “NARA” means all things and “AYANA” means the base supporting from both outside and inside.  Support   from outside is like   the engine which makes it move. The inside support is like container holding a liquid. “ NARA+ “AYANA” forms one word “ NARAYANA”.  It represents  power. The quality which describes this power is ‘Narayana’. We are not limiting Him to any name.

The power alone is not useful and purposeful.  It should be   directed with love. Love means ‘Sri’. The person who has this quality is called Sriman. Like we say who has ‘buddhi’ is called  ‘buddhiman’.  Then, what business has He got to do all these things. Because he has got love for you, me and to entire universe.

Putting together the two words of  ‘Sriman’ and ‘Narayana’ together  becomes  one word  ‘Srimannarayana’ . Now, “ Srimannarayana” is a small ‘Mantra’ . Like a bulb has the quality of giving light, we may the quality as  “Prakasini”. It is  the ‘Tatvam’ the nature of that particular power. We want to keep the feeling of  ‘Srimannarayana’ to be ever present and topmost on our mind. Mind is like a ocean, it has many feelings.   We want that feeling to succeed and pervade all our life . So, we want that feeling to succeed in our lives.  We say ‘Jaya Ho’ for that feeling.  Then it becomes  “ Jai Srimannarayana!”  It is a feeling. Like we say  ‘hello’ to greet. We can express our greeting as a feeling like “Jai  Srimannarayana” . We are trying to describe the quality of God. The quality should have both power and love and it should flourish and spread all over.

It may be incidental that  we give a name to  quality of a person, ironically, the person may not a have iota of that  described quality. In a lighter vein,  like “ Suhasini”  with that name  she/ he  may be a very  bad tempered.  But, God has truly all those quailities symbolized in  “ JAI SRIMANNARAYANA”


Addanki Ramakrishna Ramanuja dasu

12th May 2010

Vision 2020-A Village in INDIA

May 12, 2010

I  like this post very much as I personally  enjoyed  many  of the things mentioned  during  1944-58

Vision 2020


In the present days one is judged by the place one stays and our children are by the country they live.

But, shortly, the glamour of counties abroad will face stiff competition from our villages.

Our homes in villages will have big backyards and front yards with various  flower plants like Jasmine, hibiscus, marigolds etc., and neem tress  coconut , plantain and a variety of vegetable plants like Okra, Brinjal, beans etc.,. The well water in the backyard is sweat, pure and healthy. The waste water form house hold chores like washing etc., goes to the plants. The birds come to  the leftovers from meals.

The home will be happy with many of our near and dear like grandfather, uncles and aunties, big and small in a happy joint family living together. Each couple and children will have A/C rooms. PCs and tractors, other machinery  are extensively used for  agriculture  . The home will have many cars for use and house is powered by solar and cooking on gobar gas.

with  Handpound rice, and fresh ghee and vegetables from the home garden and thick curds, family will  have sumptuous meal together.  Children will learn form nature and open places  and  Vedas are taught with other subjects including computers. We can reach the green fields with in a Kilometer  radius and elders in late seventies can easily walk about 5,6 kms and grandmas can pound rice for special delicacies. Entire family depends on agriculture and all like what they do. But they are uptodate with latest technologies. We need not sacrifice the talent of our children and utilize it for our selves. Over and above every one leads a contented life. What more is required!

Freely Transalated by Ramakrishna Addanki  from “andhrabhoomi” weekly , ‘Uhala pallaki lO’ 20-5-2010 written by Rayaprolu Lalitha