I Love Hyderabad!


My Hypocracy .vs. Positive thinking! I Like Hyderabad, even for a millions of rupees I will not leave the city. I love Hyderabad! I love it is hot & boiling. I love its powercuts! I love its Crazy, mad Traffic! I love the loud music of reversing horn. I love its overflowing drains. I love the missing drain covers with branches planted there. I love cars & scooters zooming fast touching U. I love the smells of its open drains! I love the water scarcity! I love the culture of not knowing to speak Telugu. I love the variety of excuses big & small people offer. I love how they eventually tranfer the blame to U I love the dark roads and vehicles running without lights in the nights I love the auto walas who have made their own rules! I love the music from stereos blaring from running autos. I love the people walking & talking on cell phones in the midst of traffic. I love the BMW/Mercedes cars follwing a cycle on the roads. I love the scooter walas who make “S” & 8 on the roads. I love any number of poorly laid speedbrakers. I love the dogs barking in the nights and from other flats. I love the bigwigs and politicians who also love these I Love. U can add more from your own experience.


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