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Andhra Pradesh, India, T Agitation

December 20, 2009

Anything written or spoken about the present situation seem controversial.

 I suggest to all those who are on Hunger strike for pro and anti the following:

1. Donate blood before underatking fast.

2. Donate eyes and organs incase of any eventuality like  death.

3. Include issues that effect your everday life like Corruption, unemployment, price rise, Road saftey, Pollution or any other matter which can improve quality of life of comon man like you.

4. Evaluate your personal benefit for the fast.

5. Listen to appeals from some rational leaders like Sri Jayaprakash Narayana .

6. Take a macro view and see if  India can progress by your Fast

7. Donot waste your precious time , use it for studies and donot spoil for others.