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My Humble Contribution to anti-smoking

June 26, 2009

The incident happened in the year 1986. I am narrating it not with an idea of populaity nor promote any anti-smoking agency. Let us be clear about it.

I gave up my 20 year smoking habit by joining 5day plan of the Seventh day adventist. Then,  I tried to popularize the method. One day, I received a phone call from a very senior officer from public sector undertaking. He wanted to meet at my home. I was a little surprised , but welcomed him.  He came to my house alone and wanted to know about the plan. Then, I explained the plan and gave him all the literarture. After our discussion, as a formality, i was accomapanying him to his car. Then, suddenly, He threw away his cigarette packet. I was stunned. He told me that he choose not to smoke. He also became a ex-smoker then onwards. I tahnksed God that he gave the power to do this small miracle.


Various Forms of Corruption

June 21, 2009


When we say corruption in India, an immediate picture

of a corrupt governement employee being

caught red handed by Anti Corruption Bureau .

 Tha amounts of disproporinate wealth and the bribe amonut comes to our mind. But they are many other forms which are equally dangerous but not exposed by any agency.

Misutilization of public funds. Crores of money is drained in this way. We can visualize many valuable assets lying in misuse for years. This aspect is not seriously looked into.

Another form of corruption is nepotism, where a worthy candidate is replaced by a less useful person to do a job.  The leakage of income from both income side and expenditure side is so huge.One wonders whether any serious effort is made to curb this tyoes of corruption.

Let us react.

Index of Nation’s Prosperity

June 17, 2009

India has finally delivered the cheapest car in the form of

‘Nano’  from  TATA s. The newly fomred Congress

Governement promised of additional 20 kms of hihways everyday.

Now, What are you waiting for?

Is it the real prosperity. The number of road fatalities and

and loss of limb on roads has become nightmare for the road users.

The real propserity comes not from the number of cars

or the length of its highways. But from the sahtey of travel on these roads.

The number of accidents per 1000 vehicles or 1000kms of highways

should be made as minimum as possible.

Then only, we can see the real propsperity in India.

Let all concerned strive to achieve the Minimum accident rate and improve the confidence of  road saftey. It is the ultimate progress.

Make our Roads Safe for both drivers and pedestrians.