I am sharing a recent real life situataion. I have not found a proper word except ” Indifferent” to describe it.

There has a been a squeaking and irritating noise comming all the 24 hours for more than a month.  Initially, I  was at a loss to find out the source and the type of noise. During my morning walks, I tried to do a investigating work, but did not yeild any result. Then, I talked to the people in the surrounding place . Many have not bothered to  notice the noise.  Some have been hearing the irritating noise, but were not bothered to bother about it.

After a few days, I was lucky to trace the sound . It is the sound from the equipment towers used for cellular phones connectivity form a neibhouring building. I do not want reveal the name of the company as it may not be in good taste.  With my little  knowledge in Internet and email, Isent mails to the concerned people, but with no results. I also contacted the GHMC and some NGOs with the same fate.

Some one advised me put earblocks to reduce the noise. I met the Persons from the “Culprit” Towers, . They reacted very casually and promised to look into the matter . This was a about fortnight ago.

The present situation: The irriataing sound continues unabated and I am spending sleepless nights.

Can the readers suggest me a practical way out of this Noise pollution in this “Indifferent Hyderabad”? Here ” Chalta hai” , “Sub chalta hai” ” You Live and let others die”!








  1. hersheyszchic Says:

    i think you should maybe get those sound proof paint or something lol

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