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March 31, 2008

 Pitiable State of Spoken Telugu on TV 

In Telugu, as we all  know that  there are some alphabets which are   required to be  pronounced with a little force or emphasis called “vattulu” like bha, dha, tha, kha, gha, etc.,  There are many Telugu words with the such alphabets. For example we want to say ‘ government of Andhra pradesh’ in Telugu it will “ andhra pradesh prabhutvamu’ .


It is highly unfortunate that we find most of the Telugu spoken either on news, serials and their programmes on the Telugu TV channels have given a go bye to this basic requirement of Telugu pronunciation. Unless this basic requirement of Telugu pronunciation is taken proper care, the future of this great language seems very bleak.It is high time that all agencies/organizations who are involved in protecting this great language take up this on an urgent basis.




March 31, 2008



It is very heartening to see the news item that India ranks a “poor” 72nd out of 180 World nations as compiled by “Transparency International”, and more delighted to know that  Central Government is moving to eradicate the menace! 


The recent IT raids, frequent ACB raids, and many other raids by law enforcing agencies, the public feel, they are stage managed, routine  and only fill the news. We often hear in such cases from netas  that “Law will take its own course and those found  guilty will be punished ”, but in how many cases, when and with what results? . 


Let us not fool ourselves that we are the  spiritual guides to the West. The Government’s  spending with its vast budgets playing vote bank politics and vested interests seems to be root cause of the menace! Let us start  the  reform from the top.



March 31, 2008

DHARITRI DIWAS, Telugu Slogans