Krishna Leela -04


Birth of Krishna              Birth of krishna 2            

Birth of Krishna For the protection of the good.For the destruction of the wicked,And for establishing Dharma,I take birth in every age.In Dwapara Yug, Sri Maha Vishnutook birth as Sri Krishna.In the month of Shravana, under superbly fine weather conditions, on the eight day, Ashtami, of the dark half of the moon, at midnight, under the prevailing star Rohini, the Supreme Being Vishnu was born of Devaki.  The Purnavatara!  The All-complete Incarnation!  Vasudeva saw the wonderful child!  Eyes like lotus petals!  Four hands with conch, mace, discus and lotus; the distinguishing mark Srivatsa on the right chest with Kaustubha jewel on the neck; wearing yellow silk; with all blue complexion, the mild blueness of the clouds!  …   …   …



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