Believe it or Leave it!


Believe it or Leave it?

At the outset, let me clarify, that I myself as a strong non-believer in miracles and mysteries.

In our area some monkeys roam around occasionally and in daytimes, we used to watch them and their usual monkey tricks. These used stray from a public park nearby. Some days, they also used to stray into houses and do some mischief.

This was in late 2003. I was having a telephone index book of size 7”X5” and I recorded many telephone numbers. In Feb 2004, we did a big event and that time I had a large number of telephone numbers to organize the event. I have the habit of keeping the book outside usually, some where nearer telephone. Around April 2004, this event happened. One fine day when we went out some monkeys strayed into our flat and spoiled a few things like throwing honey bottle and eating some things etc., Later I found my telephone index book missing. We were sure that this was the handiwork of monkeys. I felt sorry that I lost my important telephone index book.

After some months, I have obtained exactly similar telephone index book and started filling it up again. By that it was already 2005. I was able to build up again but with many gaps. The phone numbers of those whose numbers which were useful in the big event could not be got. Anyway, there was now, no necessity.

As months passed, one day, I was walking in the balcony. This is my usual practice in the evenings. I found to my utter surprise my old telephone index book behind a flower pot. The book was a little out of shape and some pages folded etc. I was sure that the monkey which stole it earlier was kind enough to return it to the rightful owner. Now I have two telephone index books which are exactly similar. To overcome the confusion, I marked the new one as 2005 and newly found one as old. I used store the old one in the drawer and use the 2005 for my use.

On 2nd Sept 2006, I had to telephone an old friend. For that, I took out the old one. After I made the call I did not keep it back the old one in its usual place Viz in drawer.
So both books were lying near the telephone. On 2nd Sept night again one monkey strayed into my house and stole the same telephone index book. My self and my wife are wonder struck. We are absolutely moved by the mystery of a monkey stealing the same telephone index book again…… . I hope this time again, the monkey will return me my old telephone index book! What do you say?

3rd Sept 2006


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