The recent increasing incidents of crimes against senior citizens in India is higly deplorable. Here are some observations on that.

There used be an unwritten code of conduct that the resposibilty and burden of old/ ailing parent/parents whether rich or poor was being taken care ususally by the eldest son in thier family. Incase of any aberations, the neibhours or society would keep a watch on them. Thus they used to lot importance of having a son. That was their old age insurance and support system.

With emerging changes in social values,small families,migration to other countries for jobs and  consumerism, the family systems have undergone  a sea change. Now, How many parents are confident that their children will come to their support incase of their emergency  needs? I have observed that the situation in many old age homes is equally pathetic.

With the increase in population of elderly people,very little is being done to redeem the problem. It is not too late that the Government, Society and NGOs  take some concrete steps to help the needy elderly parents. These old parents only wish would to die happily and cared! Let our younger generation made to learn to be more greatful and caring to their parents. 
Ramakrishna Addanki


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