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Tulasi Plant

July 17, 2006

The sacred plant of Tulasi

Sri Maha Vishnu blesses Brunda Devi which incarnates as the plant Tulasi.
So it is very dear to Maha Vishnu and offered in pujas. It has immense value.

There are many benefits for health.

Some of the benefits:

Seeing a Tualsi palnt daily is good for the day.

Tulasi leaves extract mixed with honey is good for mentally retarded children.

A very good disinfectant and cures mouth ulcers.

Water gets purified if a leaf of tulasi is put in it.

Tualsi with ginger and lemon is good for digestion.

Skin irritation is cured with a paste of taulsi leaves mixed with a few drops Lemon juice.

Ramakrishna Addanki


Contemplation While Recovery

July 17, 2006

Contemplations During Recovery:

Ramakrishna Addanki

Most of us would have fallen sick sometime or other and have recovered from sickness and going strong. I have contemplated on the change of priorities and moods during my recent sickness, and here is my list.


More demanding and critical : Less demanding and less critical

Perform regular Puja only:Pray God more

Less faith astrology etc., :Try to explore them for cure

Visitors disturb your work:Want more visitors

Ignore minor ailments:Want to go for more tests

Plan a lot of activities:Plan for Recovery

Offer suggestions to others: Confused on course of
For treatment treatment

Concerned about shape and belly :Donot bother about your shape

Think about your own case and add more points!

17th July 2006