Prosperity is not in the bank-It is in your mind!

an extract of article of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in TNIE on 28/05/06

The Divine cares for how you feel inside. The world does not care how you feel just cares how are outside.
For your own sake, it is preferable to be rough outside and gentle inside, rather than gentele outside and rough inside.
The thing that keeps you gentle inside is Know for sure you are loved.Earth loves you. Air loves you that is why you are breathing.
The divine loves you very deeply.
If smiles of contentment is lost, then health is lost. It is only when health is lost that people realise they have to do something. Till then people don’t see where they are, and what life is.Isn’t it so?

Contentment is the first sign of prosperity. Someone who has lots of money, but is not content-do you think he is prosperous?
The sign of prosperity is smile.
the sign of prosperity is freedom
the sign of prosperity is being willing to share with people around you, without fear
The sign of prosperity is the trust and confidence that you will get what you need tomorrow-that you will get whatever you need in life.
If you think” Oh what will happen when I become old? who will take care of me etc then you have not lived your life well.
Live your life well!
If you are useful to people all your life, there will be hundred or million people to take care of you.
If all we do think “what about me?” -then this is a sign of the lack of prosperity.

compiled by Ramakrishna Addanki


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