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Easy Readability

April 24, 2006

Jai Srimannarayana!

I offer Sastanga Danda Pranamalu to
H H Sri Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji.
This Dasudu may be forgiven, as he ventures to mention this:

We are so fortunate that our organization is publishing so many good and useful religious and spiritual books through Ramaujavani, BhaktiNivedana and JET to meet with the requirements of Bhagavatbhandus.

Many of the readers of these books are quite senior in age and are having difficulties in reading small size print. Of course, good spectacles do solve the problem, but only to some extent.
For instance the size of print in “Gita Jyoti Slokamalika” is easy to the eyes, while many the other book like
Sri Vishnu sahasra namam (Niruktamuto) “Samkshepa Ramayanam ( Tatparyamuto) is of small font size.

In future, to start with, say at least 5 to 10% of our new publications, copies may be printed in larger size print for the benefit of those with “sight” difficulty.
If I mention it technically, the “Font size”
May be increased by 2 to 4 points where needed. This will go a long way to help our readers.



Sound Advertisements!

April 11, 2006

     Now  a days, public is reconciled to the menace of commercial advertisements on Radio and TV. Usually, the number of advertisemnts are high on popular programmes. Irrespective of the the contents and quality of the advertisments, they are invariably at a higher  sound voume than the regular programmes. This is true for  both  TV and Radio.
I wonder whether is it difficult to regulate the sound to a uniform level? The Radio and TV authorities may take remedial measures to stop this "inhouse" noise pollution.

Smt. A S Lakshmmi
11th April 2006


My Road Journey

April 11, 2006

 My Road Journey

Many of us must be travelling on road and what prompted me to write about my road jorney. Is it very special? No, but,then it is an experience, I would like to share.

Recently, I happen to travel on road from Hyderabad to Kodad on National Highway 9, running in Andhra Pradesh, India.
unfortunately for me but generally a coveted seat,I happened to sit by the side of driver of the Qualis(SUV) vehicle. Our journey started in the morning and it is a four hour drive. Our driver was a tough and rough guy, seems to e confident enough, but not a comfortable driver for the occupants of our car.

We have crossed the most hazadrdous city traffic and entered the highway. Although, the vehicle picked up speed,the situation was no better.The risk of a small or big accident was haunting me all along.  Infact, the possibilty of risk of a  major  accident is lurking.I could see many accidents as fresh of a few hours. I could see any number of luxury cars overtaking us at high speeds. The two wheelers with young couples and not so young families zooming away on our way. My mind was fearing that one small touch with any of these lorries etc., would land them in hospital or at worst a mortuary.   The highway passes through some villages and it was amazing that cattle and people were  crossing the roads with absolute indifference to the speeding vehicles. The signals and road signs are far and few and even all possible traffic hazards of  common sense observation, you name it, they are absent.I was surprised to find at some places indicating it was an "Accident spot". I was wondering whether this sign was appropriate. Is there no better way to inform this fact to the drivers.
Smt. A S Lakshmmi


Great Tabla Players

April 6, 2006



    Formerly Tzara's Tabla Site. One of the earliest WWW sites dedicated to tabla. Plenty of information about tabla – history, compositions, recordings and much more.
  • David Courtney's Tabla Site
    A comprehensive site conceived by David Courtney, PhD and a few of his students. David has done a great deal of research on tabla construction and the acoustic properties of the instrument. He has written many articles (most of which are available online). In addition, the site contains a basic overview of tabla, a composition database and a discussion forum. An excellent resource.
  • The Austin Tabla Website
    An outstanding resource of compositions, concert performances and links… you are especially in luck if you live in Texas.
  • Tala – A primer
    A great write-up on the main talas employed in tabla playing (including thekas) as well as explanations of relevant terminology in solo performance.
  • The Art of Tabla
    Useful information on tabla playing and the Punjab gharana. Includes sound bytes by Ud. Alla Rakha and Zakir Hussain.
  • A German Tabla Site
    A nice, informative page in Deutch designed by Wolfgang Osterer with tributes to Shankarlal Chatterjee of the Farrukhabad gharana. Great info/bios/pictures for tabla players in Germany.
  • The Indian Tabla Discussion Group
    A Yahoo discussion forum started by Peyman Nasehpour for tabla-related topics.
  • Linguistic Discourse of Tabla Players
    An ethnomusicology essay by Lowell Lybarger detailing the musico-linguistic discourse of tabla players from the Punjab region of Pakistan and India.
  • Gharanas of Tabla
    A short, informative essay by Shivani Saxena at the website.


  • Pandit Sharda Sahai
    The homepage of Pt. Sharda Sahai, Benares gharana tabla virtuoso and heir to the rich legacy of Benares tabla tradition started by his great-great grandfather Pt. Ram Sahai. This page is also host to the Pandit Ram Sahai Sangit Vidyalaya, an organization devoted to the education of the public in Indian music, dance and other related arts.
  • Pandit Samta Prasad – #1
  • Pandit Samta Prasad – #2
    (#1) A tribute site dedicated to the late Pt. Samta Prasad (also known as Gudai Maharaj), a legendary exponent of the Benares gharana. (#2) A short biographical write-up on Pt. Samta Prasad excerpted from the newsgroup archives.
  • Pandit Anindo Chatterjee
    Official homepage of Pt. Anindo Chatterjee, one of the most dynamic tabla players in the world. Anindoji has been mentored in the Farrukhabad gharana by Pt. Jnan Prakash Ghosh and in the Lucknow gharana by Ud. Afaq Hussein Khan.
  • Pandit Samir Chatterjee
    The bio-homepage of Pt. Samir Chatterjee, musicologist and world-class exponent of the Farrukhabad tabla gharana. The page is also home to CHHANDAYAN, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and preserving Indian music heritage.
  • Pandit Shankar Ghosh
    A short bio of Farrukhabad tabla maestro Pt. Shankar Ghosh, a leading disciple of Pt. Jnan Prakash Ghosh. Pandit Ghosh has also been mentored in the Punjab gharana by legendary master Ustad Feroz Khan.
  • Ustad Ahmedjan "Thirakwa" Khan
    Some pictures and lesson notes written by the legendary Farrukhabad maestro whose unremitting riyaaz and dedication to his art has inspired legions of today's artists.Recordings of Thirakwa Khansahib are rare. The Tabla Gharana Homepage is pleased to announce a fantastic new live 1964 recording of this great master published by Simla House – available at this page. It is a conniseur's delight.
  • Ustad Haji Shamshuddin Khan
    Some pictures and a short write-up on the late Ud. Shamshuddin Khan, another great older-generation Farrukhabad maestro (- a guru-bhai of Ud. Ahmedjan Thirakwa Khan).
  • Pandit Taranath Rao
    A site dedicated to the late Pt. Taranath Rao, a gifted and dedicated teacher/exponent of the Farrukhabad gharana. Pt. Rao studied under Ud. Shamshuddin Khan.
  • Ustad Shaikh Dawood Khan
    A tribute site dedicated to the late Ud. Shaikh Dawood Khan, a master tabla player/teacher from the Lucknow gharana, although he imbibed the traditions of many gharanas into his playing.
  • "Layabhaskar" Khaprumama Parvatkar
    The relatively unknown genius whose experiments with "laya" are the stuff of legend. Khaprumama's scholarly approach to the science and art of rhythm was unparalleled. This inspirational tribute (with an introduction by Rajan Parrikar) stands as rare testimony to his prowess.
  • Pandit Nikhil Ghosh
    A short writeup on highly respected Farrukhabad maestro Pt. Nikhil Ghosh from the Dhadkan website. The late master was an influential teacher, a distinguished scholar and founder of the Bombay-based music institute Sangeet Mahabharati. Pt. Ghosh also provides a short essay on his great friend, sitar genius Pt. Nikhil Banerjee.
  • Kumar Bose
    The internet home of Benares gharana tabla wizard Kumar Bose, one of the leading disciples of Pt. Kishen Maharaj.
  • Ustad Sabir Khan
    The WWW home of tabla maestro Ustad Sabir Khan, son and disciple of Keramuttallah Khan and khalifa of the Farrukhabad gharana.
  • Ustad Kadar Khan
    Ustad Kadar Khan's home on the web. Khansahib has a multi-dimensional approach to tabla, having had training in several different gharanas. He is also one of the founders of the Kalavant Center for Music and Dance in New York.
  • Ustad Tari Khan
    Ustad Tari Khan's new home on the web. Khansahib is a much revered master of classical and semi-classical accompaniment. He is also a master soloist with a sweet hand.
  • Shrimati Anuradha Pal – #1
  • Shrimati Anuradha Pal – #2
    Two websites for Smt. Anuradha Pal, a highly-talented leading disciple of legendary Punjab gharana exponents Ud. Alla Rakha and his son Ud. Zakir Hussain. (#2)Anuradha's official website contains bio-info and soundclips of her playing.
  • Prafulla Athalye
    Internet home of the talented young disciple of Ud. Alla Rakha of the Punjab gharana.
  • Vishal Nagar
    A talented disciple of the late Ud. Latif Ahmed Khan of the Delhi gharana. Vishal is stationed in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Shubankar Banerjee
    A short biography of Shubhankar Banerjee, disciple of Pt. Swapan Shiv. Shubankar is a gifted accompanist and reputed soloist of the Farrukhabad gharana.
  • Sandip Bhattacharya
    The WWW home of Sandip Bhattacharya, a talented exponent of the Benares gharana. Sandip has also been mentored in the Farrukhabad and Ajrara gharanas.
  • Abhijit Banerjee
    The WWW home of Abhijit Banerjee, an accomplished disciple of Pt. Jnan Prakash Ghosh of the Farrukhabad gharana. Abhijit has acquired a reputation as a brilliant soloist and accompanist.
  • Sandip Burman
    The WWW home of Sandip Burman, a versatile representative of the Farrukhabad gharana and disciple of Pt. Shyamal Bose. Sandip has accompanied Bela Fleck on his recent tours.
  • Tanmoy Bose
    A profile of highly talented Farrukhabad tabliya Tanmoy Bose, a leading disciple of late Kanai Dutta and Pt. Shankar Ghosh.
  • Sadanand Naimpalli
    The WWW home of Sadanand Naimpalli, a leading disciple of Taranath Rao.


  • Ustad Alla Rakha Khan – #1 (In Loving Memory – A Tabla Gharana Homepage tribute)
  • Ustad Alla Rakha Khan – #2
    (#1) Our humble tribute to the late maestro who sadly passed away on 2.3.2000. Includes links, pictures and bio. (#2) A transcript of an internet chat with the world-reknowned Punjab gharana maestro whose virtuoso tabla playing paved the way for Western audiences to appreciate the art of tabla. Abbaji has trained a myriad of top-notch artists on the contemporary classical circuit including Zakir Hussain and Fazal Qureshi (his sons), Anuradha Pal, Yogesh Samsi and Ray Spiegel among others.
  • Ustad Zakir Hussain – #1 (Anil Prasad)
  • Ustad Zakir Hussain – #2 (Michael Robinson)
  • Ustad Zakir Hussain – #3 (Kavita Chhibber)
    Three candid interviews with the famous Punjab gharana tabla maestro. The Ustad talks about his drive to succeed at tabla, the inspiration of his famous father Ustad Alla Rakha, and his experiments with spreading Indian music through "Shakti", the fusion group he co-founded with guitarist John McLaughlin in the 1970s.
  • Pandit Anindo Chatterjee
    An interview with the world-class Farrukhabad maestro at Anindoji talks about his inspirations and life on the Indian classical concert circuit. The site also includes a short exclusive tabla solo clip.
  • Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri
    An article by Jan Haag at the Raga Records homepage. An insightful and inspirational profile of the famous Lucknow gharana maestro. Swapanji's intense involvement with tabla and all its many rhythmic facets is highlighted in this article entitled "The Golden Drumming of Swapan Choudhuri".
  • Bikram Ghosh
    A short but informative interview with Farrukhabad exponent Bikram Ghosh, son and disciple of Pt. Shankar Ghosh.
  • Pandit Nayan Ghosh
    A fascinating interview with this versatile genius on both tabla and sitar. Nayan ji discusses the profound influences of his father (Pt. Nikhil Ghosh) and gurus (including Ustad Ahmedjan Thirakwa and other Farrukhabad maestros).
  • Anand Gopal Bandopadhyay
    An insightful interview with the Benares/Rampur gharana meastro.
  • Yogesh Samsi
    Link to a long and informative audio interview with the young and talented exponent of the Punjab gharana.



    The official website for one of the most highly respected gurukuls for Indian classical music within India. A fantastic website with histories, biographies and class schedules.
  • AIM Records
    Official website of Aim Records featuring outstanding recordings, highlighted artist biographies and tour dates/concert information.
    A non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and education of Indian classical music.
    The Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Among Youth. A non-profit student organization that sponsors free concerts by the top masters of the Indian classical arts. Look for one at your college campus.

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