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March 15, 2006


  It is a common observation that steet lights are getting switched off early morning quite 20-30 minutes before the daylight sets in. This causes great inconvenience to morning walkers and drivers. While the other extreme is that
L. B. Stadium is flood lit on many days to host some non-descript games or events!
The same phenomenon and culture  goes on with many of our other important resources like water,fuel,food etc.
Are the shortages are only for the common man and promises of freebies  are a way to catch their votes! It is high time that the the rich and powerful should feel the pinch of these shortages, ealrier the better! Let us all have a better summer without shortages of power and water this year!

A S Lakshmmi
604 Ramu Towers,
A C Guards,
15th March 2006 


Saviours of Hinduism

March 10, 2006

   Saviours of Hinduism

With due respects to all the delegates of the 11th Dharma Samsad concluded recently at Tirupati, It is very sorry to note that it ended with a whimpher.

This time for a change, the leaders of VHP and Hindu religious heads lamented about the activities of christian missionaries in offering all sorts of incentives to lure the masses. They were also worried about the fact that Hindus will become a minority community  by  2060.

The Hinduism, with so many Gods, scriptures and offshoots of many new faiths and religions like Buddhisam, Sikhism,Jain; is unfortunately,  at a very great disdavantage as compared to other major religions Viz. Islam and Christianity. There is no single trigger for them to react on  for a common cause of Hindus. We have seen the angry protests of muslims all over the world for a cartoon for Prophet Mohammed in Denmark. Similar is the case with Christianity. It is highly regretable that while, Gods and Godesses and scriptures are being demeaned and insulted regularly all over the world with out any murmur.
It is high time that the VHP, RSS,BJP and other Hindu saints find out a common and uniformly acceptable Hindu God and Scripture for which other religions  may not dare to
insult in future. The Hindu tolerance is a virtue, but it has  now  degenerating to inaction and  complacency.